Mahogany Says Radio Show Appearance

Mahogany Says

Hi Lovebirds,

IMG_1508 (2)Just a quick update to let you know that author Mahogany SilverRain’s has a new radio show called Mahogany Says and guess who was her first guest? That’s right! Your girl L. Loren is out here in these streets making history! lol

Mahogany SilverRain is a paranormal author who has been a big supporter of my books and it was a great pleasure to appear on her show. Even better, Siren Allen joined us for the second half of the show. Siren is the force behind the Once Upon A Villain Series that I had the pleasure of writing in. My book Untangled was book 9 in the series. Of course, Siren’s book, No One Loves Like Gaston was Book 1. We discussed the series, our books and what makes us tick as writers.

If you missed the live airing of the show, don;t worry, you can listen to the recorded version here: Click Here

Be sure to follow Mahogany Says on the Radio Live Network for all future shows.

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