Island Adventures Turns 2!

WanderLynn Experience(1)

Hi Lovebirds!

It is still unreal to me that it has been two years since I published book 2 in my WanderLynn Experience Series! Last month marked the 2 year bookiversary for The Layover, Book 1 in the series. In book 1 we were introduced to the lovely and talented Lynn Sutton. She is a business owner and care taker of her orphaned niece and nephew.  Lynn put her love life on hold to care for the twins, but now that they are headed off to college, it is time for her to let loose. She bonds with Connor Wyatt, her nephew’s married mentor. Even though Connor is in a loveless marriage, they decide to remain platonic friends. When Connor realizes he wants more than friendship, he divorces his wife and goes for the woman he truly desires.

island adv 2 yearsIn Island Adventures the new couple end up on an island vacation together. There’s just something about being on a tropical island that makes the couple’s urges to take center stage. Connor has been without intimacy in his old marriage and Lynn hasn’t dated in seven years, so you can imagine the fireworks that go off!  Good this is, you don’t have to imagine. You can read all about it in my series The WanderLynn Experience. Download today. Free with Kindle Unlimited. And please don’t forget to leave a review for each book.

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