No Nut November – Just Say NO!

No NutNovmber is here!

Hi Lovebirds,

Apparently there’s this thing out there called No Nut November that started last year. It is a challenge that mandates people abstain from any sexual activity during the ENTIRE month of November. That means no jiggling the bits, no choking the chicken, no hide the… wait, what am I twelve? Bitch you can’t fuck or get yourself off for 30 days! In my world that is torture.

First of all… Sex feels amazing weather it be a solo venture or with others. I will not abstain from something that gives me a ton of pleasure in life. The world is hard enough. Pun intended. I just need a little me time to relax. You know, it’s the little things that count.

Secondly, I write sex for a living! I need my readers to read sexy stories. How am I going to ask them to read my stuff, get all turned on and then refrain from their much anticipated release? Not going to happen.

I say have the sex! Do it often and if you should need some inspiration, buy my booksbeat it and get things started. Later for this No Nut November Challenge. Beat it!

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