Nona’s Bleu Now Available!

Nona's Bleu 2

Hi Lovebirds,

Nona's Bleu CoverSo I did a thing… Last year I joined in with a group of fantastic ladies for an anthology called Christmas Kisses. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot from these gifted writers. The short story I submitted was called Nona’s Bleu. It is a story about a woman named Nona Santana whose husband convinced her to move to the North Pole to support his work as a research scientist. Not long after they arrive, he begins to neglect her needs. When he takes his annual vacation, he leaves her all alone in the middle of the tundra under the guise that someone has to stay there and take care of things.

Luckily for Nona, Bleu Murphy arrives at her door looking for shelter from the cold. That is when things heat up. Bleu and Nona fall for each other over the seven days he spends at her home. He invites her to leave with him and travel the world, fulfilling her lifelong dream. Can she take a chance on a stranger or will she stay loyal to her husband?

Well, now you can find the answer to that question and more because Nona’s Bleu is now available as a stand alone story. Available now on Amazon – Free with Kindle Unlimited. Click Here to purchase.

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