New Release – Shades of AMBW Halloween Anthology

Hi Lovebirds,

AMBW Cover

Today is the release day for the Shade of AMBW Halloween Anthology that I am a part of. It was curated by Love Journey Books. There are 13 stories from 9 amazing authors for one low price – 99 pennies. (AMBW = Asian Man Black Woman)

Kitsune Cover
Artwork ©Sanni Voutilaonen -Used with permission

My story is called The Kitsune Tattoo and is my first time writing paranormal romance. Did you know that Kitsune is Japanese for Fox? The main character’s last name is Fox and she is a witch with newly acquired powers. On her 21st birthday it is discovered that she is “The Seed” – the chosen one the prophets predicted would come to end the war between the Fox Coven and the Necromancers.

Corisa Fox doesn’t care about any of that. She wants to fall in love with the man who has been haunting her dreams for the last 30 days. She nicknamed him Bubba and her one goal is to find him and make him hers. Little does she know that Bubba is really Kaito, son of her coven’s arch enemy. He is a tattoo artist who refuses to use magic, but the magic will not leave him alone. If fact he has been having dreams of his own and they star, you guessed it Corisa who he affectionately named Coco.

Read their love story and several more in this anthology! Be sure to leave a review and let us know what you think. Thanks for your support. Purchase the Shades of AMBW Halloween Anthology Here!

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