Happy Bookiversary – The Layover is 2!

Connor n Lynn

Hi Lovebirds,

PrintOn this day in 2016 I released my first LoveRotica Tale, The Layover and officially became an author in the erotic romance genre. It is one of my most popular stories to date. It is book 1 in a 3 book serial series. I really had no idea how freeing this book and series would be for me. I am so much more open in my sexuality and my willingness to explore new things. Sometimes it is only within the pages of the books I write, but I have always said I live vicariously through my book babes. Since I am in an interracial marriage, I wrote the couple in this story to mirror that; BWWM (Black Woman, White Man) to be specific.

This story stars Lynn Sutton and Connor Wyatt. The two are inseparable even with their seven year waiting period between meeting and dating. Connor goes from mentor to Lynn’s orphaned nephew, to her good friend and confidant, and finally he becomes her lover after his divorce.  Once they do get together, the sparks fly and the panties come off. Here’s an excerpt for you. WARNING this is explicit!

Copyright © 2016 L. Loren – All Rights Reserved

“OMG Connor, you scared me. What’s going on?”

“You have a visitor.”

“I’m not expecting anybody. Who is it?”

“He says his name is Bob and you and he are very well acquainted,” I said with a smirk knowing most ladies call their vibrator their Battery Operated Boyfriend, aka B.O.B. Lynn looked confused until I pulled the vibrator from behind my back with a grin on my face. She started laughing and smacked me playfully on the arm.

“What are you doing with that?”

“I found him stashed in the drawer and he told me he wanted to come out and play.”

“He did, huh? Well I have a little time before I have to leave. What did you guys have in mind?”

I stepped closer to her and grabbed the corner of the towel that was wrapped around her. I snatched it off and moved her over to the bed pushing her back so she would fall onto the mattress. I handed B.O.B. to her and commanded her to play.

“I want you two to act as if I’m not in the room. You have a choice of how I want you to play together. Pick a number between 1 and 4.”

“2” she said not even questioning me about what she would have to do.

“Excellent choice, my love!” I said with a sly smile crooking my lips. I removed my shirt and lowered myself between her legs that were hanging off the bed.

“I’m going to start you slow, but you need to do everything I say when I say it. When you feel your orgasm hitting you, you must stop and let me get you off. Then you can resume. Agreed?”


“Now, touch yourself using just your hand. Rub your clit and get nice and wet for me.” She did as instructed and let a soft moan escape her mouth.

“Good baby, that looks so hot. Put one finger inside, but keep rubbing your clit with your thumb. Now, take your other hand and pinch your nipple.”

Lynn was wiggling and moaning now, letting me know it was feeling as good to her as it looked to me. The sight of her touching herself was so freaking hot my dick almost tore out of my pants. I wanted to touch myself for relief, but that is not where I wanted this to go.

“Use two fingers now baby. Bring yourself to the brink, but don’t forget to tell me so I can finish you off.”

“Fuck, baby I’m almost there,” she panted while lifting her hips off the bed.

I moved her hand and replaced it with my face. I needed to taste her as much as I needed to breathe. She tasted delicious, just like I remembered. As soon as I sucked her clit, she exploded in my mouth and I licked every drop. Her moans bounced off the wall of her room and I wanted them to continue. I removed my mouth from her body and reached for B.O.B.

“Put him to work baby. Let him make you feel good.”

Lynn took B.O.B, into her mouth and moved him in and out a few times to lubricate him, and then she turned him on moving him to her slick opening. Her arousal smelled divine and the anticipation was driving me crazy. As she moved B.O.B. in and out of her body, she cried out in pleasure. She was close I could tell and then she shocked the hell out of me…She grabbed my head and shoved my face between her legs pulling B.O.B. out at the same time. I greedily devoured her core and she sprung alive. Lynn was amazing as she responded to my movements on her most intimate place. She exploded on my face shooting a fountain of cum for me. It was the single most sensual thing I have ever experienced.

 Find out what Connor and Lynn do next by reading The Layover by L. Loren. From Oct 5 – 8 the e-book will be FREE on Amazon.com. Be sure to get your free copy here.

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