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Hi Lovebirds,

This week’s LoveRotica Book Challenge is a MC (Motorcycle Club) 5 book Series that I enjoyed by Xyla Turner called Legions of Guardians! The men of the Guardians are ALL ALPHA and sexy as hell. Guardians are the good guys of MCs and take care of the people in their community.

This branch is the original featuring: Razor – Regional President; Bronx – VP of the LGlocal chapter; Apollo – Sargent of Arms of the local chapter and Members Bear and Shiz. Their ladies are not members, but are pivotal elements of the stories, after all they are love stories.

The fellas don’t allow female membership, however, they chartered an all female division called the Lady Guardians. They have their own series, but here’s the kicker. Each of the stories will be written by different authors and rolled out on a specific time table. The first set of the series rolled out in July 2018, the initial story written by Xyla.

Here’s what I think:

Legion LBC

Just Ride – Book 1 in the series: (5 Kisses)

Leg1I love a good MC romance book and Xyla delivers. Razor is one hot alpha male and he loves Kylie! When these two get together, watch out. SPARKS!!!

I loved how sensitive Razor was when it came to Kylie and only Kylie. He is the President of the Guardians – protectors of the community. They are not the usual biker gang. In fact they are a social club/business that focuses on Justice. When the police can’t get justice, they will by any means necessary. But mostly they just hang out and do guy things and socialize.

Kylie is form their town, but moved away years ago. Her two best friends are cool with the Guardians, so when she returns home after eleven years on the road with her band, she find new faces – gorgeous faces.

The dynamic between Kylie and Razor is everything. She has his heart the first time he makes a pass and she shoots him down. Nobody turns down Razor. Game on! It wasn’t long before he claimed her as his own. There was a bit of drama, but things come together in the end.

Let’s Ride – Book 2 in the series: (4 kisses)

Shay and Bronx deliver one wild ride! I love, love, love Shay. She is one tough cookie.Leg2 Her snarky attitude and her ‘mama don’t take no mess’ demeanor made for a great lead character. I want Shay as my friend. She is loyal, will fight at the drop of a dime and has the tenacity to back up her snotty words.

Bronx is a bit intense. However, once he made up his mind to go for it with Shay, there was no stopping him. No matter what happened, he made it his mission to make sure they were good.

Both Shay and Bronx need to have their hides tanned for allowing a miscommunication steal four years from their happiness. All they needed was one conversation and they could have been happier sooner. Oh well, everything in its own time.

I am looking forward to book 3 because Apollo intrigues me. We’ll see in the next installment.

Just Right – Book 3 in the series: (4 kisses)

Leg3I knew I would really love Apollo from his previous appearances in the series. I am happy to say he was not as bad as he seemed. The love, patience and kindness he showed Lori in this story was epic. Lesser men would have given up. J guess that’s where is obsessive disorder kicks on.

I was proud of Lori for getting the help she needed and fighting so long to stay away from Apollo. Yes, I wanted them to end up together, but he had some crawling to do to make up for embarrassing her in front of the town. I was so happy she wasn’t the push over I thought she was.

Their love story is just getting started and now their is trouble in Guardian territory. I am hoping nothing bad happens to Apollo since he is taking lead with this war that is brewing with the rogue Vipers. We’ll see.

Just Dream – Book 4 in the Series: (5 kisses)

OMG this book has me shook! The ending is crazy, but first I need to talk about the restLeg4of it. Dessy showed up in the middle of the night in a previous book in this series. I thought she would be trouble, but she surprised me. She not only starts working two jobs, but was respectful and listened to her cousin Shay.

From the first time she walked through the doors of Peppers, the biker bar, she had her hungry eyes set on Bear! Bear is a grumpy, loner type who wants nothing to do with the young beauty. He thinks he is too old for her.

I adored how the relationship between these two developed. Dessy did not take no for an answer, but when Bear humiliated her she walked away. I was proud of her for knowing her worth. When he finally figured out he wanted her, she was indifferent and made him work for it.

I loved how the tough mean grizzly bear turned all soft and cuddly for Dessy. The writer included a bit of paranormal in this one as Dessy has the gift of dreams that predict the future. They saved her once, led her to her love and the book ended on a cliffhanger about the last dream she had. It was very disturbing.

Dream Ride – Book 5 in the Series (4 kisses)

Leg5What a nice ending to one wild ride! Avery was a nutcase who flew by the seat of her pants. This chick acted on impulse and it got her in more trouble than a little bit. At he beginning of the story she decides to exact revenge on a gang of bikers who beat her brother to a pulp at a nightclub.

There was no rhyme or reason for them to attack her brother so they needed to pay. This chick sees a random guy get off of his bike and proceeds to run it over with her jeep while the man is in the store. Can you say Madea? She must be long lost cousins or something.

That’s how Shiz meets her. He is a Guardian, no way shape or form affiliated with the Vipers, the gang responsible for the injuries to Avery’s brother. I felt so bad for Shiz. You know how men are about their bikes, but this one was even deeper. It belonged to his father and then his brother, both now deceased. It was his family legacy and the crazy woman destroyed it on a whim.

At first he wants nothing to do with her. Even going as far as to defy the club President to avoid helping her. Once he receives a stern talking to about responsibility, and he sees the attractive fireball hanging with another Guardian, he quickly changed his tune.

They have a wild, and I do mean wild relationship. Avery gets herself into more trouble with her hot headed ways and nearly gets raped by a rival gang. Shiz loses it and almost kills a man. It’s a mess. Finally, finally they stop with all of the crazy drama and settle down. HEA and all.

For the overall series, I give it 4 kisses kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

To purchase these books and more from Xyla Turner click here.

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