LoveRotica Book Challenge – Anthology #8


Hi Lovebirds,

Day 8 of The Curvy Goddess Series is all about Vengeance! This one is a thriller.

Here’s what I think:

ll vengeanceThis saga is mainly focused on Gavin and Alishia, the woman who adopted and cared for Gavin’s son after Jackie abandoned him.

When the last book ended, Gavin’s son Angelo was kidnapped by the cartel along with a pregnant Nya. Sal is losing his mind and Gavin has the weight of the world in his shoulders trying to figure a way to get them back in one piece.

Alishia is right there beside Gavin throughout the turmoil. They have to go through finding Jackie’s trifling tail and getting her into rehab so she can think clearly and tell them where Gregio would be holding Nya and Angelo. When her head finally clears, we find more than one person living in there. Jackie has multiple personality disorder, which explains a lot.

For the life of him, Gavin just can’t stop himself from playing hero to Jackie. In the meantime, the one woman he loves, Alishia is not going for it. She hates Jackie – she used to be her assistant when Jackie was living with Gregio.

Well the story is full of ups and downs, but they save Nya and Angelo, with Gavin being shot and almost killed. It takes him months of physical therapy to get back to himself. He and Alishia grow close during that time and they eventually take things to the next level. Then once again that dag gone Jackie shows up and ruins things.

This story was hot and cold for Gavin and Alishia. At one point he makes a racial slur and really shows his true colors. I would have kicked him to the curb and she did for a while. That one scene made me dislike Gavin a bit. He was cruel and mean and not who he portrays himself to be. I hate that he keeps sticking up for Jackie instead of the woman he claims to love.

We also find out a huge secret that Daniel has been keeping from everyone. When the truth is revealed, Vixen is devastated and divorces him with a quickness. I really hate that they divorced, but Vixen was stubborn and Daniel didn’t fight hard enough for her.

Sal and Nya welcome a son and are happy as a fat kid eating cake. Camille and Drew are still around, but nothing major happened with them. Nick and Phoenix are still going strong. Nick gets the shock of his life which almost ruins his friendship with Gavin. At the end of the day, the guys heal their wounds, but unfortunately Daniel and Vixen aren’t able to.

Up next Vixen and Daniel may have a chance at working things out, but there is a hint of another suitor interested in Vixen that showed up in this story. We’ll see where it goes. I want them back together. She is loyal to a fault for her friends. I wish she would show Daniel the same. I mean look at how good she is to Jackie after that witch accused Sal of rape, but she can’t forgive Daniel? Really? 5 kisses for this thriller. My heart can’t take much more. kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips


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