LoveRotica Book Challenge – Anthology #7


Hi Lovebirds,

It’s Manic Monday, but I have some relief for you. It’s Book 7 in the Curvy Goddess Series – A Very Curvy Vacation.

Here’s what I think:

ll vacationWith everyone’s lives in turmoil, except Sal and Nya, the gang decides to allow Sal to plan a much needed getaway. Sal picks Thailand and plans a beautiful, relaxing vacation.

Vixen and Daniel are legally separated, but the crew is hoping to get them back together. After Gavin reveals his secret to everyone, Daniel finally realizes why his wife had been so distant. Vixen is still distant and hurt that Daniel would think so little of her to accuse her of cheating with Gavin. I get why Daniel was thinking that and if Vixen would think back, she was thinking Daniel was cheating during the time he wasn’t sleeping with her for fear of getting her pregnant again. This was right after her near death experience.

As I mentioned, Sal and Nya are doing great and Nya has a big surprise for everyone.

Camille has married Drew and they are arguing because Camille won’t let him be free to parent her kids.

Nick and Phoenix are fighting because Phoenix allows her father to disrespect Nick in his own home.

Gavin is ecstatic that after such a long time searching, he finally found his son. The boy’s adopted mother is a beautiful woman and there is a promise of romance there.

Daniel’s sister in law Samantha has turned into an alcoholic and we learn that Randy has been cheating on her for over a year. The ladies finally have a come to Jesus with Sam and she agrees to go to rehab.

All hell breaks loose at the end as the drug kingpin sends his boys to kidnap Gavin’s son. Nya walks in on the kidnapping and is taken too, sending Sal into hysterics and the readers hanging in the balance.

Up next Vengeance where we find out what happens and if they can save Nya and the little boy. This one gets 5 kisses! kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips


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