LoveRotica Book Challenge – Anthology #6


Hi Lovebirds,

Happy Sunday! Today we continue The Curvy Goddess Series on the LoveRotica Book Challenge. Book 6 is all about Camille!

Here’s what I think:

Camille’s story was a wild one indeed. From her redneck family and the drama that ensued between her parents and the crazy ex- husband. This story really took is on a ride.

Camille is a successful lawyer and thank goodness for that because the tramp of the century Jackie is back to her shenanigans. This time she has accused my baby daddy in my head, Sal of rape! This chick is off her rocker. Sal wouldn’t touch her with someone else’s pole.

Camille finds herself in the battle of her life as she tries to keep Sal from going to jail. Since she is not a criminal lawyer, she enlists her boy toy Drew to help her out. Things get crazy as the plot unfolds. Lies, betrayal and corrupt cops are just the tip of the iceberg.

In all of this craziness, Camille finally allows herself to love again. Nya and Sal have their baby and we find out that one of the guys has a child he had no idea existed. At the end Phoenix welcomes the twins during a storm.

This book was thrilling and kept my attention. I am a little mad at the author for the rift in Vixen and Daniel’s marriage though. They are the blueprint for relationships amount this circle of friends. To see them so broken is heart-breaking. I certainly hope things pan out for them.

Up next an island vacation to help the couple’s put their lives back together. 4.5 kisses for this installment of Curvy Tales. In my world that’s 5! kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips



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