LoveRotica Book Challenge – Anthology #9


Hi Lovebirds,

Guess what day it is? Yeah, it’s Hump Day and it is also Day 9 of The Curvy Goddess Series. Today we review A Broken Love.

Here’s what I think:

ll brokenFinally we get to the bottom of what makes Vixen tick. After all these years we find that she was both physically and emotionally abused by her mother. She was made to believe she was unworthy of love and that anyone that came into her life would leave her. Taking her mother’s sick words to heart, she decided to close off that part of her heart, keeping it a secret even from Daniel. She lived her life expecting people to leave her.

A counseling session for their son Gavin allows Daniel to express his regret about his shortcomings during their marriage. He breaks down everything he has done wrong and apologizes. When it is time for Vixen to express herself, she closes down and runs out of the session.

Things eventually get back on track for Daniel and Vixen once they open up to each other and Daniel finds his confidence as a man.

The rest of the gang are their usual crazy selves. I swear Phoenix and Sal keep me laughing with their outbursts.

That’s all for now. Book 10 is set for release next week so I have to wait to continue this wild ride. The name of the next installment is The Temptation of Dr. Black. All I know is Nya better not mess up! Sal is too good of a man for that.

This one gets 4 kisses! kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

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