LoveRotica Sex Journal – Now Available!

Hi LoveBirds,

WanderLynn (10)

So I did a thing! I wanted to create a journal for a while now. I thought about it and put it off for a year or two. Finally I stopped hemming and hawing and sat down to complete it. I am happy to say it turned out better than I hoped.

The LoveRotica Sex Journal is a single woman’s guide to finding your Oh! In 90 days. This journal is designed for you to record daily sexual interactions for a 90-day period. Along with completing the weekly challenges, you should use these pages to document your fantasies, dreams, favorite positions and sexual activity. It will not guarantee orgasms or a better sex life. However, it will help you to form habits that can allow you to discover what brings you pleasure and clarity about what you need from a partner. Happy hunting. Don’t forget to say OH!

To purchase your journal and her your Oh back! Click here


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