New Year, New Look – Stormy’s All-Star Weekend

Hi LoveBirds,

I decided to give Stormy’s All-Star a fresh new look for the new year. The face lift was a success according to the feedback I have had thus far. Let me know what you think. If you haven’t read this short story, now is a great time to catch up.

NBA All-Star Weekend is coming soon, like in a couple of weeks! (Valentine’s Weekend) so this will get you in the mood. Click here to purchase or read for free w/ Kindle Unlimited.


Sports Zone producer, Sharon Rave was in a romantic slump. Stood-up by her now former fiancé on Valentine’s Day last year, caused her to shut down. When her boss and good friend gifted her VIP access to all of the hot events at NBA All-Star Weekend, she decided to get back into the game. Using her alter ego, Stormy she headed to LA for a little fun in the sheets.

Sullivan “Sully” Mann was a former professional hockey player on vacay at All-Star Weekend. He was looking for a hot chick to satisfy his cravings, but ended up being assaulted by a clumsy woman named Stormy, who spilled nachos on his head. Little did he know, this same woman would spark a fire I his loins and his heart, giving him the happy ending he desired.

Find out how things heat up between this unlikely pair in Stormy’s All-Star Weekend.
*** This short story originally appeared in the Lovestruck Anthology ****

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