The Villains Have Arrived!!!



Hi Lovebirds!

I am so excited to announce that the Villains Have Arrived and will be taking over your timelines for a bit! The Once Upon A Villain Series was released today and I would like to wish my fellow authors in the series a very Happy and Fruitful Release Day!!!

Readers, you are in for a treat. We have 10 hot stories about 10 different villains from 10 phenomenal authors.


My contribution to the series is Untangled. It is all about Gugu Brown and her mean girl ways. You see, Gugu was bullied in her youth for being U-G-L-Y. Child, she had no alibi. She was plain old ugly. Well, that’s why plastic surgery was invented. Now as an adult, Gugu is the beautiful Queen of the Cosmetics industry. But, Gugu has a secret that could topple her empire.

Sin Maddox is enamored with Gugu. He not only sees her outer beauty, but her inner goddess, as well. He can’t get enough of her. There in lies the problem. Sin is a minion of hell and is forbidden to have a relationship with the living. If their love is discovered, Sin will face severe punishment at the hands of his boss.

Gugu gets a chance to turn back time and change her evil ways. Will she be able to stay on the straight and narrow, or will the villain in her cause her to lose the love of her life? Well, what are you waiting for? Download the book and find out!



Untitled design (2)Each book in the Once Upon A Villain series is a standalone. This series does not have to be read in order. Be sure to collect all 10 books in the series. Click here to purchase.

•Gaston by Siren Allen (Book 1)
•Devious Love by Diana Flame (Book 2)
•Wolf’s Bane by Donna R. Mercer (Book 3)
• Ursa Major by T.B. Bond (Book 4)
•Scar’s Redemption by Kiru Taye (Book 5)
•All That Glitters by Dawn Ibanez (Book 6)
•Pied by Brooklyn Knight (Book 7)
•Heart of the Hun by Love Journey (Book 8)
•Untangled by L. Loren (Book 9)
•Bellissima Donna Crudele by V. Vee (Book 10)




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