LoveRotica Book Challenge – Enemies to Lovers


L. Loren Presents (7)

Hi Lovebirds,

For this week’s LoveRotica Book Challenge, I chose a book with an enemies to lovers theme. The Alpha Crusher by Shani Greene-Dowdell immediately got my attention with the book cover. I soon found myself engrossed in a love story that I loved.

Here’s what I think:

L. Loren Presents (8)What happens when a man you abhor approaches your foreman in a quest to purchase your company, while dismissing your existence? FIREWORKS! On the surface, Ward Levine was everything a strong independent business woman hated. He was arrogant, used cheesy lines and totally misogynistic. Well, sir met his match when it came to Mira.

Mira struck fear in her employees. Just her walking in the room made them stand up straighter and ensure they were busy working. She was a boss in every sense of the word. Smart, savy and in charge, she took the construction world by storm.

You don’t get to the top without making enemies and she had her fair share. One such person was a woman who she once considered her mentor. Sometimes people have issues and are incapable of being happy for others success. Luckily for Ward he wasn’t one of those people.

When he found out that the beautiful woman with the body he wanted to devour was the owner of the company he wanted to buy, he changed his mind. Now all he wanted was to bed her. That turned into a game for him. He liked the chase and she was his prey. He never expected to want more than one night, but fate is funny that way.

This story was an enemies to lovers tale that was told with realism mixed with a splash of humor. The story kept my attention. So much so that I read it in one day, needing to see what happened next. I enjoyed watching Mira turn from a hard-nosed battle axe into a soft loving woman, once her guard was let down. The same with Ward. I enjoy watching him throw away his playboy armor, allowing himself to free fall into the foreign state of love. Well done. Four kisses for this one!

To purchase The Alpha Crusher click here.


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