The Taming of LaRue

Hi Lovebirds,


i am so excited about my upcoming book, The Taming of LaRue. It is my first MC Romance and I really enjoyed writing it. I fell in love with both main characters, Tyler “Ace” Rousch and LaRue “Church Mouse” Simmons.

I have a tentative release date of March 13th, but the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Click here!

Here’s what it’s about:

LaRue “Church Mouse” Simmons is a feisty pain in my ass. I knew I loved her when we met in that biker bar two years ago. She blew me off then, but now she’s back and needs my help. I will do anything to show her she belongs with me. Even help her avenge her father’s death. If I can only get her to curb that attitude and listen, we’ll get along just fine. But, who said love was easy? She’s stubborn, independent and thinks she knows everything. I’m a surly bastard who enjoys the game more than she knows. It’s going to be fun taming LaRue.

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