LoveRotica Book Challenge – Christmas

lbc 2019

Happy New Year Lovebirds!

I promise I have been reading, but I admit I was slacking at the end of 2018 and didn’t post my reviews. So now I’m back and starting the new year with a bang! I recently read Oh, Christmas Fling by Francesca Penn.

Here’s what I think:

lbc christmas flingThe dynamic between Remy and Carlee was crazy! Remy wasn’t the typical rich guy who slings the d all around town. In fact, he was that dude who is too busy with work to fool with women, so he used his own devices to satisfy his carnal urges. That is until he found himself face to face with a scantily clad Carlee in his hotel room when he was fresh out of the shower and wrapped in a small towel. Then all bets were off.

The initial seduction was sexy and alluring. Carlee couldn’t resist if she wanted to. Well, she pretended like she wanted to, but the pull was too great. It took this couple a very long time to even get back together for a second go around, even though they work in the same building. I must say they both have more restraint than I possess. If a man puts it down on me like Remy did, you better believe he’s getting a text, smoke signals or something.

Anyway, I am happy they finally figured things out. More so Carlee than Remy. He knew what he wanted, but she had to agree. I appreciate the fact that she didn’t just give in so easily. Good story. Very enjoyable read.

4 kisses for this one! kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

You can purchase Oh, Christmas Fling by clicking here.

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