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Hi Lovebirds,

I’m back with another entry for the LoveRotica Book Challenge. Last week I was chillin, so I didn’t get a chance to update you on the books I have been reading. So now I have to make up for that by posting two books in one week. This category I created because I really wanted to do the review of Xyla Turner’s Love Under Attack. It was refreshing to see a differen spin on the old college troupe. Instead of the student/professor affair, Xyla is giving us professor/college president hotness and I am here for it.

Here’s what I think:

Love Under Attack LBCWhat can I say? The author has created an entire world housed on a university campus with detail and descriptive that took me back to my college days.

Dr. T.K. Mathews is not only eye candy, the man is a formidable opponent in the war going on inside of Imara. She is the main character and an adjunct professor at the university, where Mathews is the newly appointed president.

Well, Mr. President has decided to revamp the structure of the university in order to keep it from shutting down. A part of this process is eliminating “unnecessary” positions in staff, which happens to include adjunct professors. This is their first obstacle.

This story contains many, many more obstacles for this couple. It is frustrating to bestubborn inside of Imara’s head at times. She is very strong willed and as stubborn as a mule, even when she knows better. I will give it to her though, she finally gets help to move past her issues. This to me was confirmation that she deserved to be with Mathews.

Let me tell you, Mathews was all alpha, but he knew what he wanted and was willing to put himself out there to get it. It was refreshing to read about a male character who wasn’t driven by his anatomy alone. I mean the man was gorgeous, successful and had a great personality, in essence a tasty snack. However, he never once entertained any other woman, not even when Imara stopped speaking to him for weeks! He just stayed the course and it worked out in the end.

Although this story is complete, I look forward to reading the next adventures of the new characters on campus, in the series. This one gets 4 kisses. kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

To purchase Love Under Attack click here.


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