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Hi LoveBirds,

As you may know, I curated my first anthology, Love is Color,  recently and I am so giddy over the outcome. When I started this project it was just a dream. Now 15 other authors and poets have lent their gifts to bring my dream to fruition. Each one of these gifted writers is special in her own way and confirmed for me that sisterhood is to be celebrated! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I decided to review the book for Goodreads and thought it would be sweet to post it here as well. When I started organizing the book I didn’t know if I should put all of the short stories together and then all of the poems, but I decided against that. Instead, I intermingled the poems and shorts and I think it made for a better reading experience.

IndexThe authors appear in alphabetical order by last name. I paired each story and poem with a photograph that I felt reflected the theme of the work. Each lady has a short bio listed and I hope the readers will visit their social media and purchase more of their books. They are really very talented writers and could use more exposure.

1) Siren Allen’s Mate of Fire – I am that chick who must be forced to read paranormal and even then I turn up my nose. Not so with this story. In fact, Siren had me from the first paragraph and I found that not only can I enjoy paranormal, but I absolutely love dragon shifters! Who knew?

2) Healer by Ericka Arthur – A beautiful spin on unrequited love that was lost, but then the healing comes in the form of true love. I could feel the passion in this prose.

3) For Only One Night by Sheena Binkley – A heart warming story about a man who ran from love because he did not feel worthy, only to find he couldn’t run from his heart. He has only one night to prove his love to the woman he has hurt so badly by leaving without explanation. Sometimes we do things we can’t explain, but if it is meant to be, then there is nothing that can stop true love.

4) Kay Blake’s Say That You Love Me – When a married couple goes through loss, it is hard for them to remember how to love each other. Things start to fall apart and before they know it, there is a divide that will never be repaired,,, unless. Unless they both communicate and they both are willing to give love a real chance to show them they need each other as much as they did in the beginning. Sometimes you just need to hear your spouse say they love you and mean it.

5) Train Me by Eliza David – What happens when a sexy petite physical therapist runs into a sexy former football player and sparks fly? Well, the heat was palpable between these two! I felt bad that they had to hide their attraction for fear of getting fired, but once they finally got together outside of therapy, LAWD! They needed a fire hose to cool them off. H-O-T!

6) Kiana Donae’s For Eternity – A love poem for the ages. When I read this verse, it made me want to pull out my wedding album and wax nostalgia. I felt like Kiana was in my head and heart and poured my feelings for my husband on the page.

7) Behind the WOrds by Keinya Graves – A journalistic look at the inner workings of a lover’s mind. What happens when you are felling a man, but your insecurities and lack of communication feed the negative thoughts. Writing in a journal may be therapeutic, but it can also cause more harm than good in some instances. As with any relationship, you have to communicate with the other person to keep the demons at bay.

8) Cam John’s His Secret Pawn – I love a good mystery and a bit of danger to boot. This story delivered both. I was shocked to find the identity of the alleged kidnapper and was torn as to what the heroine should do for a minute. It felt wrong, almost like betrayal, but how loyal can you stay to someone who will never come back? You can honor their memory, but at some point you must make yourself happy. This was a unique take on love and how to deal with loss, and attraction to someone new.

9) Candis Johnson’s Neurotic Behavior – A poignant look at how one woman deals with insomnia and grief of losing ones self by immersing herself in poetry and written word in the wee hours of the morning.
Death of a Prodigy – Spins a visual depiction of losing ones ability to write poetry because the poet abused and neglected her gift. She mourns the loss and longs for it with regret. It ends with a hopeful note.

10) Dance With Me by Dandii_Lion – A fresh look on new love. The lover is asking for him to meet her equally in the relationship as they make their way through life together. To be present and satisfied as they dance together.

11) Brookelyn Mosley’s Twice in Love – This is the ultimate love story that proves love conquers all. The romantic in me swooned as I read this story. Dealing with the loss of memory is a difficult thing. The love this man had for his wife and his patience with her was astounding. It had to be excruciatingly painful for him not to be able to hold and touch the woman he loved so much, but he spent each day trying to get her to remember him. I loved how the writer returned them to what they were before. Love can not be denied!

12)Expedition of Devotion by Nykia N. – This is a sensual poem that put me in the mindset of making love for the first time. No longer timid, but passionate and loving. Giving yourself over to another person and trusting they will care for your feelings.

13) Wilbera Sander’s Wanna Take a Swim – A raw unadulterated look at lust. Am I Dreaming? – A look at black love and the magic it brings. Without You = a love letter to a lover telling them you can’t live without them and Color Me With Love – Celebrates the feeling of love as told by looking through rose colored glasses.

14) The Softness of Light i and ii by Nadine Tomlinson – Sweet haiku that shows a sensual look of love through light.

15) Rashida V’s Honey Colored Blue – A tale of love as it relates through the love of music. A naive girl who falls for a more experienced man. It reminds me of an old Etta James song.

I purposely overlooked the story and poems that I wrote because it would be just weird to review my own work. I’ll leave that up to the readers to interpret for themselves.


As a collective, this book gets 5 kisses kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

To download your FREE copy of Love is Color Anthology, Click HERE.


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