PLN Presents: Love is Color – Sheena Binkley

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 Welcome to a special edition of Purple Night Lights! Today we are celebrating the Love is Color Anthology. The release date is Feb 14th! In the mean time I will be welcoming the ladies behind the words in the book. Please welcome: Sheena Binkley
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Q & A

Tell us about your work in the Love is Color Anthology. 
For Only One Night is about a woman who is fed up with her regular routine and justforonlyonenight needs a break from it. When she meets a stranger one night, she starts to see that she can have fun and let her mind be free for just one night.
Who or what inspired the work(s)?
 I think there’s a period of time when everyone needs an escape from their daily routine and not have a care in the world for a few hours, so I think this story is a good way of telling that.
What writer, poet or artist inspires you the most and why?
 This was just an idea that I thought of because honestly, I need an escape just like anyone else does, lol.
What’s next for you? 
 I do have a new release coming up in March, which is a spin-off from my Love, Life, & Happiness series.
Where can readers find your work? 
 They can find majority of my work on Amazon.
sheenas books


Sheena Binkley first discovered her love for storytelling when writing her first story for a class project at the tender age of nine. Since then, she has composed several short stories and numerous tales that are not only engaging, but simply entertaining. She is also a freelance writer, penning articles on various topics including education and entertainment. To date, her best-selling novels include In Love With My Best Friend, Love Unbroken, Something Just Ain’t Right, and The Love Chronicles.

Social Media:

Goodreads: authorSheenaBinkley


Facebook: sheenabinkleyauthor 

Instagram: @Chevon30

Twitter: @ChevonBink

Google +: +sheenabinkley

Pinterest: @SheenaBinkley

Facebook Group: Sheena Binkley Reading Palace

Mailing List: Click Here to Sign up

Join us on Feb 18th in Sheena’s Reading Palace for a Release Party!

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