PLN Presents: Love is Color – L. Loren

PLN LIC edition

Welcome to a special edition of Purple Night Lights! Today we are celebrating the Love is Color Anthology. The release date is Feb 14th! In the mean time I will be welcoming the ladies behind the words in the book. Please welcome: L. Loren

L. LorenPLN

Q & A

Tell us about your work in the Love is Color Anthology. 
 Love is Color was my brainchild. I set a goal for myself to curate an anthology with a diverse group of writers, poets and photographers. It was my first undertaking of a project of this caliber and I found it extremely enjoyable. 
I wrote 2 poems for this anthology that represent the feelings of the colors purple and orange. I also wrote a sensual poem entitled My Favorite Color – a dedication to my husband. The short story I included was Parasol, a sensual look at unexpected love.
Who or what inspired the work(s)?
 My poems were mostly inspired by the feelings of love and desire I have for my husband. We have been together over 20 years and he still manages to excite me. My short story was inspired by a dream I had on night. The next day I saw a photo of a young woman standing in the rain holding an umbrella. The rest is history. 
What writer, poet or artist inspires you the most and why? 
 I am inspired by several writers, but the two I keep close to me when I am writing are Zora Neale Hurston and Maya Angelou. These ladies were phenomenal. I admire them for not only the adversity they faced, but the strength they had to keep on going.
What’s next for you? 
StormyI am currently working on Model Behavior, the second book in my Triple Threat Series. I expect to release it no later than April of this year. I also have a short story called Stormy’s All-Star Weekend in the Valentine Anthology – Love Struck with several fellow authors. It is also out on Valentine’s Day!
Where can readers find your work? 
 My work is mostly found on Amazon. however, I am looking into selling my autographed books on Etsy and/or my website soon. So keep an eye out. 


L. Loren is a former call center supervisor currently based in Birmingham, AL with her loving and supportive husband.

Growing up the youngest of seven in a small town in North Carolina, she embraced her love of reading which helped to develop her imagination. Her desire to write lay dormant for years until she found the courage to look within and her passion could no longer be ignored.

She created her own brand of Romance that she dubbed LoveRotica – Love stories with an edge of sexy. Her current works include The WanderLynn Experience Series: Book 1 – The Layover, Book 2 – Island Adventures and Book 3- Destination Home. Her most recent book is Book 1 in the Triple threat Series titled Egyptian Nights and her latest release Hall Pass.

Her work was also featured in Volume 4 of SOUL Magazine and The Christmas Kisses 2017 Anthology.

Social Media:

FaceBook: l.lorenwriter

InstaGram: @rebirthoflisa

Twitter: @rebirthoflisa

 Pinterest:  @rebirthoflisa

Join us for a Bookclub Q & A in L’s Lovebirds on Feb 25th


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