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Welcome to a special edition of Purple Night Lights! Today we are celebrating the Love is Color Anthology. The release date is Feb 14th! In the mean time I will be welcoming the ladies behind the words in the book. Please welcome: Brookelyn Mosley


Q & A

Tell us about your work in the Love is Color Anthology. 
 Twice In Love is a short story that has been brewing in my mind for a few months. The
Twice in love idea came to me while conversing with my husband this past summer. This often happens, I’m speaking to someone and they say something that sparks a thought that leads to a “What if” question. That what if question was… “what if a wife lost all the memories she had of her husband and had to figure out how to fall in love with him again?”
I can’t remember what we were discussing that inspired the thought. All I know is the word Amnesia was mentioned and my mind took it from there. That’s literally how the idea for Twice In Love was planted. The story follows a woman who after a near fatal car accident suffers a bout of short-term memory loss. One of those memories includes meeting, dating, falling in love and marrying her husband. She remembers none of it. So she must go through the mental and physical motions of falling in love with him again.
Who or what inspired the work(s)? 
 My relationship with my husband, my homie lol, inspired the motivation behind Twice In Love. For one, it was through our conversation that I even got the idea. But then there’s our relationship and our memories too.
As I sat down to outline this story, I imagined what life would be like if I didn’t remember him. To have all of the memories and experiences we built and shared wiped cleaned. I imagined I would feel robbed, lost. I took all of that and used it to create the characters and this story.
What writer, poet or artist inspires you the most and why? 
 Sister Souljah is my all-time favorite author. She changed my perspective on creative writing and the type of fiction that can be best-selling fiction. Before reading her book, The Coldest Winter Ever, I never knew something like that, writing about inner city life in a relatable way, could be done.
I spent a lot of my childhood reading a diverse number of authors and their stories were incredible, but the stories were tales that opened my eyes to different worlds, not often worlds I could honestly relate to. Reading Sister Souljah’s book showed me what was possible in fiction. How really diverse plots and characters can truly be.
What’s next for you?
 I have a few books planned for release in 2018 all spinoffs starting with the sequel to myMrMrsJones novella Girl Code, Mr & Mrs Jones. This book and characters are near and dear to my heart. I just love writing friends-to-lovers stories. After Mr & Mrs Jones I plan to release a spin-off to my No Fraternizing Series, and after that a spin-off to my holiday short story, Unsilent Knight.
I plan to finish the year off with a story narrating the relationship of two characters from my Forbidden anthology, Jordan and Joelle. Now this story will be something else as I’m tapping into the genre of suspense. Erotic suspense… is that a thing? Lol. This year, I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of random ideas for books and short stories so don’t be surprise if something that doesn’t appear in my plans gets a 2018 Release Day!
Where can readers find your work? 
All of my published short stories and novellas can be found on Amazon. They’re also all free with Kindle Unlimited. Currently, I only offer ebook versions of my work except for Girl Code, this book is available in paperback.
I plan to turn all of my ebooks to paperback by the end of the summer. I also post short stories via my blog on My short stories serve as mental exercises. These are the only stories I write off the top of my head, sans outline. There’s no real schedule for them, they get posted when they are written and they are written whenever I am inspired to write them.


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© Brookelyn Mosley Used with permission

Brookelyn Mosley is an erotic romance writer who pens short stories and novellas with characters based in urban settings. Her writing focuses on the intimate encounters and emotional experiences of women today through the use of vivid characters and relatable scenarios.

Social Media:

Instagram: @brookelynmosley

Facebook: @brookelynmosley

Twitter: @brookelynmosley



Join us on Feb 28th on Brookelynites Cafe for a Bookclub Q&A from 7pm -8pm.

Brookelynites Cafe



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