Short Story in S.O.U.L Magazine

Hi Lovebirds,

SOUL Mag4Did you know I had a short story that was published in the most recent S.O.U.L Magazine? It’s called ‘Books and Brain’ – a naughty story about a girl and a guy getting sexy in the library. The magazine is published by Candis Johnson, a young lady on the move.


“I noticed you watching me during study hall.” I cooed in his ear. I watched as the red rose from his neck all the way to the top of his forehead. His blue eyes shifted as if he was trying to find an appropriate response.

“It’s all right. I like that you were looking at me. I have something for you. Feel free to say no and I will stop at anytime. Ok?”

Check it out:…/soul-…/paperback/product-23364637.html

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