LoveRotica Book Challenge – Alpha Male

L. Loren Presents(1)

Hi Lovebirds,


This week’s choice for the LoveRotica Book Challenge is Alpha Male! There is not much better than a sexy alpha male doing his thing. The Beauty’s Beast by Eddie Cleveland proves just that.

Here’s what I think:

beautys beastA scarred former marine finds solace in a sex club in LA. It is the one place he can unwind without everyone staring at the scars on his face left from an explosion.

Truthfully Gabe is lonely and closed off since his worthless fiancé left him soon after his accident. Her vanity would not allow her to love a disfigured man.

When he sees Vanessa in the club looking like a lost puppy, he is immediately drawn to her. The fact that he is only wearing his underwear and a smile makes him quite a site. Apparently he is well endowed and in a sex club he is quite the catch.

Vanessa is a budding actress on the cusp of her breakout role. She is technically doing research for her new role, but really she is on a mission to find her orgasms. This twenty-something gorgeous woman has never been to heaven.

Her shyness is a turning for Gabe and he pursues her, not just for sex but there is something different about her. He actually wants to get to know her.

Well the gods were favoring these two because this was meant to be.

This story was a sweet and sexy ride in the Hollywood hills. The main characters were fun and flirty and quirky. The addition of Axel, a three legged dog who was also wounded in combat is awesome. Gabe and Axel make a great team and Vanessa takes to him like he was her own.

I just love a happy ending!

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