LoveRotica Book Challenge – Written by WOC


Hi Lovies,

This week’s LoveRotica Book Challenge is a new release from author Jamila Jasper called “The Situationship”. This is the second book by Miss Jasper I read this past week. Suffice to say I like her writing.

Here’s what I think:

situationship1This story was a twisted tale of casual sex buddies, turned permanent loves. There was a whole lot of drama along their journey, but they finally got it right.

Lola was a wounded soul looking for a man who would be honest. She was burned by her lover of four years, finding out that he was actually married the duration of their relationship. She was my kind of girl and kicked him to the curb immediately.

Enter Mark Jagger- cool name by the way. Mark is a sexy doctor with a body that screamed to women. He openly admitted to Lola at first meeting that he deals with several women at a time and doesn’t let feelings get involved. Lola was down for whatever, since she vowed never to fall for another man.

This was her perfect solution. She could have bomb sex with a gorgeous, well endowed man and not have to worry about him lying to her. She saw him during her scheduled days and didn’t worry about who or what he was doing when she wasn’t around. Let’s just say honesty went a long way with her.

Mark was a divorcee with two adorable kids. His ex won custody, but he remained in their lives. He was a good father, but his ex was touched in the head. Those poor kids went through it with a mama like Rose. Mark wanted to take the kids away from her, but Rose’s unstable butt kept threatening him with lies. She really needed some help.

Eventually, like all relationships, there came a point where Mark started pulling toward one particular lady and becoming disinterested in the others. Soon he was only seeing Lola. Mark was already the only man she was seeing because her work required most of her time. As a CFO she stayed busy with business deals and the like. Mark was a great stress reliever.

Things turned crazy when his ex-wife found out Mark was with Lola and eventually come to a head. The whole ordeal played out like a twisted soap opera and I couldn’t get enough. The story kept me on edge and I could wait to get to the next chapter to see what would happen.

I enjoyed the journey of Lola and Mark and look forward to reading more from the writer. I gave this one 4 kisses! kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips



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