New Review for The WanderLynn Experience Series by Books! Books! Books!

My girl A. Renee Hunt did me a solid and read my first LoveRotica Series The WanderLynn Experience. She posted a review on her website Book!Books!Books!

The WanderLynn Experience- LovErotic series: The Layover, Island Adventures & Destination Home by L. Loren

WanderLynn compilation

So this seems to be my year in romance extreme. This one was different though. It still held a unbelievably rich guy and an admirable, confident woman, but what made it stand out was that it was about an interracial relationship.  WOW– I could actually relate to it! Had my husband been secretly a millionaire, and pursued me, I’d have missed out! I’d continually rebuffed his approaches, with my broke self! Ha… Anyway, this story was adventurous and truly an experience.  A WanderLynn Experience…

Click Here to Read the Complete Review

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