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Welcome to another edition of Purple Night Lights, a place to spotlight writers of erotica. We will have intimate conversations about sex, love and writing about it. Tonight I am interviewing myself! I realized that many of you don’t know anything about me. Since my new book, Egyptian Nights is coming out June 20th, this is the perfect time to get to know me. Let’s do this.


LL: How did you get into writing erotic tales?

LL: I was working on my blog one day and another blogger gave me a recommended read for a book. I had never read romance/erotica before and I was unsure, but I trusted my blogger friend and gave it a try. The book was Scarred by Twyla Turner and it was book one in her three book series. I got so involved in that book, that I voraciously read all three books. I just couldn’t put them down. After I finished, I re-read the series and then searched for any and everything by Twyla.

IMG_8440I realized that erotica was much more than just sex. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sex, but Twyla’s books showed me there was a well thought out plot and characters that I could fall in love with. Well, I already had the writing bug, but at that moment I decided I should be writing erotica. From that point on, I have read almost every sub-genre and I have written my own three book series, The WanderLynn Experience and have started on my second series.


LL: Do you put a little of yourself in your characters?

LL: Of course. I try to infuse a little of my personality in my main characters. Since I write about strong black females, I want to leave a little bit of me in them. Sometimes it is as simple as a favorite color or food and sometimes it is something that affects their entire personality.

LL: How do you do your research?

LL: I read a ton of books! When one of my story ideas comes to me, I sit down and try to do a character outline and then I get online and read. Sometimes I read books, other times I read articles or interviews by people who have gone through what I want my character to experience. I also watch my share of videos. It’s all in the name of research, right?

LL: Tell us about ‘Egyptian Nights’ and who or what inspired you to write it?

LL: Egyptian Nights is my version of a contemporary fairy tale. Make no mistakes, thisOnce upon a time, as they say in my profession, there was a beautiful girl named Egypt and she loved sex! Yes, you read right…sex!(1) one is all adult! The sex is steamy and the characters are fun. This is book one in my Triple Threat Series about triplet sisters who have to find their way in the world. Egyptian Nights focuses on Egypt Wilson, an executive chef in Atlanta, who loves sex and uses it as a form of therapy. She longs for love, but was “cursed” at a young age with her mother’s dying declaration that she is unworthy of love and that she is a whore. “Who could ever love a whore?” Then she meets Harper Beckmann, a hopeless romantic nursing a broken heart. He denies her the quick hook-up and instead offers her a relationship. Egypt doesn’t do relationships, only sex. Aided by her Naughty Fairy Godmother she developed a play list of rules that she lives by, and eventually Beckmann breaks all of her rules.

It is a fun full length, stand alone novel that shows that everyone deserves love. There are some rough patches, but eventually Egypt and Beckmann find their Happily Ever After.  My main characters for the series were inspired by Keke Palmer. She is so versatile in her look and her personality that she was a no-brainier for me. When I was looking for black 20 something triplets to have a visual reference, I fell short, but then I ran across Keke’s IG page and I saw each of my characters in her. Egypt is her with the short pixie cut – sexy and uninhibited, Kenya is Keke with long black weave looking like the girl next door and Nairobi is Keke with long blonde weave – Bad and Bougie.

LL: Do you ever get negative or unwanted attention because of the genre you have chosen? How do you deal with it?

LL: I haven’t yet… well maybe a little. I get the side eye from some of my family members, but I don’t let that stop me.

LL: Who is the one writer that has influenced you the most in the genre and what is your favorite work by them?

LL: That would be the lady who started it all for me, Twyla Turner. I fell in love with Sloane and Lexi from her Scarred Series and then again with Gabe and Sunny from her Starstruck Series. I have read and re-read those books so many times and I can’t get enough. Sloane and Gabe are at the top of my book boyfriend list and I am sure they always will be. You never forget your first.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Olivia Gaines as well. I just recently became aware of her novels and I absolutely love her. My favorite so far is Oregon Trails, a mail order bride story. Her book Thursdays in Savannah is smoking! I love her work because her characters are outside of the box. They all have quirks and she really does her research.

LL: What is your take on how many sex scenes to include in a novel? Can there be too many?

LL: Well, some of my readers would say this to be true, but I don’t think I have a limit on sex scenes. I tend to follow the characters and the heat of their relationships. Egypt is a young woman who absolutely loves sex, so she has plenty of it. In my first series, Lynn and Connor were both in a sex drought so when they got together, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. I think it all depends on the characters.

IMG_8689LL: What is your ultimate goal for your writing?

LL: I would like to be PC and say I write for the enjoyment. Ok, I really do write because I enjoy it, but I also want my books to sell. I would love to have a few best sellers and break the Top 100 list on Amazon consistently! Talk about doing a happy dance!!!

LL: What is your favorite sex position to write about in your novels?

LL: When I am writing I try to switch things up so the reader isn’t bored. However, I noticed that my heroes love to eat pussy and they are very good at it! Maybe I am channeling what I like or something, because there is nothing hotter than a man that loves to please his woman.

LL: Are you a fan of toys?

LL: Oh yeah, I like the toys. In my first series, Lynn and Connor have some fun with her B.O.B in bed. In the second book, they use one in the club that operates by remote control. That was fun to write.

LL: What is your favorite sub-genre of erotica to read?

LL: There are so many to choose from. Let’s see… lately I have been into mail order brides, cowboys/ranchers, BDSM and of course Billionaire Bad Boys. Oh and I love the marriage of convenience stories too.

LL: When does the kink go too far in your opinion?

LL: I have a high tolerance when it comes to kink, but what I won’t do is read certain fetish books that call for people urinating or defecating on each other. I also hate anything to do with feet! I have a thing about feet and not in a good way. Other than that have at it.

Oh yeah, one thing that creeped me out when I read a book recently was stepfathers! The book was billed as a May-December romance, but when I started reading it, I soon discovered it was a girl pining for her stepfather. He divorced her mother because he secretly was in love with the daughter, but never told her. Then one summer she stays with a friend and the stepfather lives on a ranch next door. Gross! I mean he was just getting it in with your mom and now you want him. YOUR MOM! Nope, not happening.

LL: Describe your writing process?

LL: That is something that is ever evolving. At first I started out letting the characters dictate where the story went. Now, I have started outlining a bit so that I can have a direction to go in. I still allow the characters to do their thing; I just provide a road map now.

LL: What’s next on the agenda for you?

LL: I have about 100 stories that are trying to get out, but next up is book 2 in the Triple Threat Series, Model Behavior. It is about Kenya, the girl next door and her journey to discover herself and find love. I am also fleshing out a Cowboy novel and have a fun time doing the research on that one!

***Bonus Question***

LL: Have you ever been so turned on by a scene you are writing that you needed to stop writing to take care of business?

LL: Well, I don’t write those steamy sex scenes for nothing… Let’s just say my hubby gets to enjoy being my “crash test dummy”. lol

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2 thoughts on “Purple Light Nights – L. Loren

  1. Great interview.I especially liked, “do you ever get negative or unwanted attention …” That is my concern with writing erotica. I care too much what others think. Even in my mainstream mystery, I’m concerned with too much sex in a scene. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thanks for the nice words. That question is one I wondered before I started writing and figured people would like to know. I have had a couple of interesting replies from authors. lol


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