LoveRotica Book Challenge – Stepbrother


This week’s pick for the LoveRotica Book Challenge is a taboo subject – Stepbrother. I chose Masked Night: Seduced by my Billionaire Stepbrother by Kenzie Haven.

Here’s what I think:

L. Loren Presents(1)What would you do if you had the hots for your stepbrother and you had a once in a lifetime chance to sleep with him and not be discovered?

Well, Pene decided to take advantage of that very situation. She was invited by a friend, who we never meet or know their name, to attend a wild night at a local sex club. While there she meets a handsome stranger who offers to please her. She accepts the offer, but soon finds out the stranger is no stranger at all.

Dale has wanted Pene for years, despite the fact that their parents are married. He finally sees his opportunity to make her his own.

That’s where things get real. In this three part series, the step siblings have passionate sex, but only in the club. They both confess to being in love with one another, but only meet at the club, where they can let their inhibitions dissolve. Their final night at the club, Dale takes her home with him, telling her to move in with him. Then he proposes. Mom and Dad be damned, they are soulmates and must be together.

The writing is good, but the story is too short. The couple never even hints at dinner together, let alone getting married. I know they spent six years as siblings, but at the beginning Pene admits she hadn’t seen him in over a year. That’s a long time. These two don’t know each other and with the backlash they will get for being step siblings, they really need a more solid foundation. Oh well, young love. 3 kisses for this one. kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips


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