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Welcome to another edition of Purple Night Lights, a place to spotlight writers of erotica. We will have intimate conversations about sex, love and writing about it. Today our guest is Alexis Angel, author of ’12 Inches’. Let’s do this.

Alexis A

LL: How did you get into writing erotic tales?

AA: I got laid off from my job at a major multinational Wall Street investment firm. I was abroad, working in Hong Kong and they were like we want you to move and I was like I wanna go back to America and they were like sorry, you’re out then. So I was like okay, whatevs. I wanted to always write but never really had the opportunity to make it a career. But now I had all this severance money and nothing but time and I had a lot of adventures I wanted to share. So I spent 6 months “thinking” about it, which is code for hanging out on various beaches around the world, drinking, partying, and generally hooking up with people. Then I sat down with a business partner and we came up with a path to make it a viable career for me. The rest is history!

LL: Do you put a little of yourself in your characters? Did you really base this loosely on yourself like the book hints?

AA: Yes. Every book has a little bit of me in them. In the female characters as well as the men, but mainly the females. Other people I know factor in other characters as well. And it’s based loosely on me to an extent, yeah, sure. Why not.

LL: How do you do your research?

AA: Like, lots and lots and lots of condoms. And lube. And I think I have a frequent buyers discount at Good Vibrations.

LL: Tell us about ’12 Inches’ and who or what inspired you to write it?


12 inchesI like big dicks and I cannot lie…

All you other sisters can’t deny…

When a man walks in, with a hot bearded face…

And a big hard thing in your face…

You get sprung!

LL: Do you ever get negative or unwanted attention because of the genre you have chosen? How do you deal with it?

AA: Yeah all the time. But if I let shit affect me like that I’d be like dead after a 1 star review. My stuff isn’t for everyone. I like having fun. I like the sexy sexy. I like the HEA but what’s important is that we’re having fun. I don’t take myself too seriously. I don’t take most people that seriously. So I mean some people can’t deal. It’s not that I don’t respect people. I have lots of respect for everyone. But you can’t be in this genre and be like all moody. You’re doing this more the majority of your day – you better be having fun!

LL: Who is the one writer that has influenced you the most in the genre and what is your favorite work by them?

AA: The one writer who has inspired me to write, and no lie, literally the reason I am writing is Willow Winters after I began to read her Valetti Crime Family series.

LL: What is your take on how many sex scenes to include in a novel? Can there be too many?

AA: There can never be too much sex! I usually put 6 scenes in a standard novel!

LL: What is your ultimate goal for your writing?

AA: The same goal I’ve had when I started that a very dear friend once told me. Work hard and ensure that I have:

1) A catalog of to market books that bring enjoyment to readers, and

2)Bring as much joy to readers that it brings to me

Get those two things down and everything else will follow.

LL: What is your favorite sex position to write about in your novels?

AA: I love getting eaten out! I like getting it doggie!Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl! OMG I love blowjobs too! Or cum! Anything where cum just lands all over is hot! Like, do I have to pick just one?

LL: Are you a fan of toys? “Bare It All” is not just about my book. It_s a movement that expresses accepting your sexuality and your body.(2)

LL: What is your favorite sub-genre of erotica to read?

AA: Taboo. Always!

LL: When does the kink go too far in your opinion?

AA: Never. Unless it’s no longer desirable or fun for the other person.

LL: Describe your writing process?

AA: Oh God, I usually sit down at around 11 am. And then I write till lunch. And then lunch. And then stuff during the day and then evening.. I need to write more!

LL: What’s next on the agenda for you?

AA: I’m releasing on my MMF pen, Abby Angel and my dark romance pen, Dark Angel this month. These pen names are usually done as co-writes with other authors.

Mona Cox continues. My flagship Alexis Angel will have like 2 releases a month. So busy  busy!

***Bonus Question***

LL: Have you ever been so turned on by a scene you are writing that you needed to stop writing to take care of business?

AA: Every. Single. Day. That’s one of the reasons I LOVE this job.


Alexis Angel writes steamy contemporary romance about bad boys for the bad girl in all of us. She is still single at 30, in case anyone is interested to know, and still very much looking for love.

Her favorite things in the world are flowers, chocolate, lingerie, high heels, lipstick, perfume, and the credit card award miles that she gets from buying all that.

Prior to writing, Alexis used to be a financial analyst in New York City. She quickly decided that working for a faceless corporation run by men was not her dream job. So she began to write. And as she began to write, she began to use those credit card award miles to travel all over the world.

Alexis is still single, in case you forgot from above. She spends winters in California, fall and spring in New York City, and summers in Europe.

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Twitter: @AuthorAAngel

You can join her mailing list HERE or email her at author.alexisangel@gmail.com

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