LoveRotica Book Challenge – Marriage of Convenience


This week’s entry for the LoveRotica Book Challenge is in the Marriage of Convenience genre. I read Sophie Brown‘s book under the same title as the category a while back and here’s what I think:

L. Loren Presents(10)This was a different take for this genre. This time it was a lady who needed to be married.

Lucy, a billionaire entrepreneur decided to start a dating site for her next business venture. The only problem was she was single.

She was advised that people would find her more credible if she was in a relationship. No one wants relationship advice from a single person. She put the word out, OK she called one friend in London who magically knew a guy. The man was single, fine and he already knew her, so it kind of worked out. The best part was he was from London and nobody in her town knew him so her story of a long distance relationship worked. Dude was eager to date Lucy because he had a crush on her from the one and only time he met her in London. She of course did not remember him so he kept that part to himself. Things progress in the relationship and they find their HEA eventually.

The plot was good, but there were some questions left like why she never questioned the man’s motive for agreeing to her deal. She never offered him any money or incentive to pretend to be married to her. I found it strange that it took so long for a smart lady like her to figure out that he was into her. Overall I give it 4 kisses. kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

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