LoveRotica Book Challenge – Historical


This week for the LoveRotica Book Challenge, I have chosen a book of Historical Fiction.  Seducing the Master by EM Brown takes place in a 19th century brothel called the Inn of the Red Chrysanthemum. This wasn’t an ordinary house of ill repute. It was a place for men of particular proclivities and it was H-O-T!

Here’s what I think:

L. Loren Presents(2)Have you ever been surprised that you were really into a book? I was taken aback when I read this one. Not in a bad way either.

I received this book as a freebie from a giveaway that I can’t recall. Looking at the cover, I thought it to be a modern BDSM tale, but quickly discovered it to be a historical erotic romance. While not opposed to this genre, it is not my usual choice.

Set in the 1800s in an English brothel for men of means and certain BDSM fetishes, the book was unexpectedly provoking. Never have I felt arousal at the hands of 19th century prose. There was an enchantment with the way the author stayed true to the use of language of that era. Normally put off by this, I found myself enraptured and wanting more.

The story line was a bit annoying and took a tad too long to develop, hence the 4 star rating instead of 5. I did not bond with the main character Miss Terrell, a ‘blackamoor’ who was a former slave, now under the employ of a Madame. She was described as almost irresistible and she was well versed in her craft. What I hated about her was her desperation to become a sub for Master Gallant.

Though he was a kind man who knew his way around the bedroom, I could not understand why Miss Terrell kept throwing herself at him. She ended up raping the man to get what she wanted. Only then did he succumb to her wantonness.

It put me off that such a beauty was so desperate for his approval, that she actually never received, by the way. There is a sequel, so the author left this open for the next books in the series. I am curious enough to read the next installment, but not right away. In the meantime, I give this one 4 kisses. kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

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