LoveRotica Book Challenge – PNR ‘Cravings and Triggers’


Hi Lovebirds,

As you may know from my recent post, I developed a reading challenge for 2017. Don’t ask me how it came to be. All I know is one day I was brainstorming on what to do with the blog and wallah, the idea was born.

I made a list of erotic sub-genres that sounded fun and started reading. I have never been one for paranormal novels and as a matter of fact, I had an internal struggle about adding the category to my list. Well, let me tell you the book I just finished reading makes me glad I left it on the list.

cravings‘Cravings and Triggers’ by Gisele Walko is a fabulous read. I met Gisele on Goodreads last year and befriended her. She read my books and I read one of hers, ‘Ethan and Michelle’. I noticed that all of her other books were paranormal and unfortunately I decided not to go there. Well after reading Sani and Zeph’s story in a day and a half, I may be jumping on the bandwagon, afterall. I still find the world of PNR a little out of my league, but that is how good this last book was. Oh and by the way, PNR stands for Paranormal Romance. When Gisele said it casually in an email, I had to look it up and now I am passing it on to you. Each one, teach one…

Anyway, no matter what you think about PRN, I would suggest reading this book! I absolutely fell in love with ‘Sexy Sani’. In the book his name is Sani, but the man is so fine in my head, his nickname was born. Sani is a Skinwalker! Child, let me tell you I had to look that up too. I was like, He’s a whaaaat?

Once I found out what he was, I was a little scared, but he was so damn lovable that I didn’t care that he stalked his last girlfriend and gave her a hardcore haircut. What can I say, I love a dangerous bad boy.

At least he didn’t kill her and he left town before he could do more damage. In my mind that meant he wasn’t a psycho. He couldn’t help himself and he had enough of a conscious to leave and try to stay away from people. That is until a broken washing machine lands Zeph in his lap.

Now Zeph is battling demons of her own and her reputation as an ass-kicking hot head proceeds her. She is not that person anymore, unless you mess with her son, Z.

This story has all kinds of elements that had my mind sparking. Zeph’s son is a transgender preteen with the sweetest spirit. His asshole father doesn’t accept that he identifies as a boy, despite the fact that he was missing a few key ingredients at birth. The way Zeph supports and protects Z makes me like her character. When Sani accepted Z unconditionally, I cheered.

So now we have a bad boy Skinwalker, a hot head Mama Bear, a transgender preteen and an asshole ex husband. What else could this story possibly need? VAMPIRES! That’s right, one of the sub characters is turned, which causes the book to go in a whole other direction than I was expecting. I wasn’t thrilled about this part, but hey what do I know about PNR plots? All I know is I didn’t want what happened to happen in the last part of the book. I like vampires in movies and all, but I wanted a different ending. Oh well, guess what? I didn’t write it, so I have to live with the ending. I didn’t dislike it, I just wanted a different outcome. Maybe it will spark some fan fiction on my part. Who knows? In the meantime, I am still giving this book 4.5 💋💋💋💋💋 kisses because the heat between Sani and Zeph is good!!!

I received this book as a member of Gisele’s ARC Team, but you can get your own copy on January 27th! Pre-order it now on Amazon for $0.99!!! That’s a steal. I’m not sure if the price will increase after the pre-order so One-Click NOW!!!

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