L. Loren presents the LoveRotica 2017 Book Challenge


Announcing a Book Reading Challenge for lovers of Erotica! I have seen all kinds of book challenges all of the internet, but I have yet to run across one that caters only to the erotica genre. That’s not to say there are none out there, I just haven’t seen any.

Since I am a new writer in this genre and love to read all kinds of erotic novels, I decided to put together a little challenge for like minded readers. The challenge is easy:

You can pick any book you like within the guidelines. I will list each sub-genre (25 total). You can read them in any order, but I will be posting one suggested sub-genre every other week along my reviews as I complete each one. Feel free to read as many or as few as you would like. Click Here for the complete list. My only request is that you let me know how many you will be reading for the year by completing the form below:



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