I Don’t Pluck With You is Live!


I am happy to announce I Don’t PLUCK with You is now available on Amazon! It is the first book in the Plucking Series. Each week a new book will be released for your reading pleasure. Be sure to collect them all. Each book features a member of The Plucking Ladies Garden Club and they are planting seeds. Each book has a heroine with a name of a flower. In my book, you can read Pansy’s story.

I was walking on cloud nine. Things in my life had finally taken a turn for the better. I had a great new job in a new city and a group of new friends that loved me. Starting over was never easy, but this time I was optimistic.

They say stay golden and good things will come your way. So when I asked the universe for a house of my own, I was thrilled to hear I had been approved.

They also say be careful what you wish for. I got the house, but along with it came the nosey neighbor from down under.
Laced with an Australian accent and a pair of bright red binoculars, Ken Holland is making my dream of home ownership turn into a nightmare.

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