Country Temptation – L. Loren

Meet The Author

Bestselling author, L. Loren holds a Business Management Degree from the University of Mount Olive. As a former call center supervisor, her desire to write lay dormant for years, until she found the courage to live her dream. She is currently based in Birmingham, AL with her loving and supportive husband. L. Loren created her own brand of erotic romance that she dubbed LoveRotica – Love stories with an edge of sexy. Her catalog of sexy stories is self-published and available on Amazon. Her stories and poems have appeared in various anthologies, publications and literary journals. L. is also the curator of the Love is Color Anthology, available for free on Smashwords.

I have an intense love for sexy cowboys.

Tragedy has a way of launching us into living our best lives. When Josey decides life is too short to be unhappy, she quits her mundane job and buys a ranch to fulfill her lifelong dream. Jax has his life turned upside down. When he can find no way out, he leaves all that he has ever known behind in pursuit of happiness. The Bohemian Outlaw Inn has a way of bringing people together. It’s first love story is all about a ranch owner and the ranch hand she can’t live without.
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2 thoughts on “Country Temptation – L. Loren

  1. Absolutely loved your Bohemian Outlaw novel. I read it through twice at one sitting. I love the characters of Jax and Josey and am looking forward to a sequel solidifying and enhancing their story as well as the inn they are running. It will be fun and interesting to see maybe new additions to the staff, as well as the vacationers come through with stories of their own. I will keep an eye out for more. Very good read!!

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