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Check out this awesome review of Tennessee’s Whiskey from Book Snob Sue!!!

5 hot hot hot stars for #TennesseesWhiskey by #LLoren

Wow, this is my first book by this author, we stalk each other on social media, but I hadn’t had a chance to read her books yet. She asked, and I was so excited to read it…so damn glad she asked. And yes, I sent her a virtual fruit basket. This book was so great, L. Loren is a fantastic author. So…new author for you to stalk…err follow…you’re welcome. Not really sure my review will do it justice, but I will try.

Tennessee (he nicknamed her) aka Pat is a college student needing rent money, and I love how she goes about it. She walks into Whiskey aka Weston’s bar and starts waiting tables, and that was the first thing that she did that made me adore her character. She is so bold, take no crap and probably one of my favorite female characters ever. She’s the kind of woman every girl would want to be and every guy wants to get with, I mean she won over a 5 year old and a biker. Whiskey is a single dad that runs his own bar, and alpha in every way. He sees her and already verbally claims her, and that was before they were even together. Not gonna lie, at first I wasn’t sure I was gonna be a Whiskey fan, but he turned out to be one of those guys, that you just have to like…although not as much as Tennessee, sorry, the girls won me over in this book. These two last like a whole day before they couldn’t control their chemistry anymore, and gave in. HOT AF…like burning up my kindle hot. I adored Wes, Whiskey’s son. Tennessee is so great with him, and I loved when he met Tennessee, he asked her to be his girl…at 5, I feel like you know she’s awesome just by that alone. “My name is Wes. You’re pretty. Wanna be my girl.”…adored this scene.

This was a safe read, he had to do a little pushing away, but for a great reason. A badass female that will have you wanting to hang out with her, and Whiskey is a dirty talking OTT alpha all the way, that is direct and to the point. Their heat was off the charts, hot af. Loved her bestie, and his bouncer…funny af and would love to read a little novella about those two #SubtleLikeAMackTruck. They were separated for a hot second, but luckily all that worked out. Great storyline with a bit of suspense. Bar shenanigans, and an hfn. I really wanted to read an epilogue about these two, but she promises we will see more of them in the future books, which I cannot wait to read. #NextBookPlease. Oh, and shout out for this cover, because it is gorgeous and hot af. Thank you so much L. Loren for letting me read your book, it was great.


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