PLN Presents: Love is Color – Keinya Graves

PLN LIC edition

Welcome to a special edition of Purple Night Lights! Today we are celebrating the Love is Color Anthology. The release date is Feb 14th! In the mean time I will be welcoming the ladies behind the words in the book. Please welcome: Keinya Graves


Q & A

Tell us about your work in the Love is Color Anthology. 
 There’s always that one that gets away. Sometime the only person you can shared your
Behindthewords true feelings, is your diary.
Who or what inspired the work(s)? 
 I’m mostly inspired by one of my old supervisors Benita Garner. She inspired me to write about things that I was going through at the time that I couldn’t really talk to anyone about. By doing that I found a new appreciation for a talent that I never even knew I had.
What writer, poet or artist inspires you the most and why? 
 I’m inspired by everyday people. I’m inspired by the lives of my friends.
What’s next for you? 
 I’m in the process of starting a new series to be release early 2019.
Where can readers find your work? 


©Keinya Graves Used with permission

I am the mother of three very beautiful young adults. Everyday I see them push to fulfill their dreams and in return they inspire the same for me. I’ve been writing for 12 years and dabble in photography. I am that crazy basketball mom and love every minute of it.

Social Media:

Fb: Keinyas book club and carllou photography

Instagram: carllou photography by keinya

Twitter-: @kgraves1

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