LoveRotica Book Challenge – Anthology #3


Hi Lovebirds,

Part 3 of The Curvy Goddess Series is Sex, Sun and A Barbatelli. It is all about Sal whisking Nya away for a sexy vacation.

Here’s what I think:

ll sex sunNya and Sal are back in this short story all about them! After the loss of one of her most beloved patients, Nya has thrown herself into her work. She is also making time in her life for Sexy Sal! Sal is a walking talking sex machine and Nya can’t get enough of him, even if he is white.

Nya still struggles with her prejudice, but with all the good loving that Sal is putting on her, she soon changes her tune. When he offers to whisk her away for a vacation in Greece, she reluctantly accepts. If it wasn’t for the meddling of her BFF Vixen, aided by Phoenix, Nya would have found an excuse to cancel.

Vixen sends a personal shopper to pick out and pack a wardrobe for Nya, since she was using it as an excuse and promptly sends Phoenix to the hospital to deliver the goods. Finally unable to back out, she boards the private plane with Sal to paradise.

Sal is so in love with this frustrating woman that she soon finds that she can no longer hide the fact that she loves him too. With these two, the sex is hot and the story is never boring. Nya keeps poor Sal on his toes.

The end brings them home, where they meet the rest of the gang for dinner and a little surprise! You have to read it to see what happens! Up next, Phoenix’s story.

5 Stars for this one! kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips


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