LoveRotica Book Challenge – Bad Boy




This week’s LoveRotica Book Challenge is all about a Bad Boy. I chose Eliza David’s “The Follow” to review and it was gooooood!

Here’s what I think:

L. Loren Presents(5)I love the Cougarette Series by Eliza and this book is like six degrees of separation to that story. Hey even hottie Jay Weston makes a cameo. The Follow is the Cougarette’s favorite cousin that you love to spend time with, but rarely get to. I really enjoyed it.

If you love fandom and the world of celebrities as they live their lives out loud on social media, then you, my friend, will be in heaven. King is an R&B God who names Marvin Gaye as his muse. He is the nicest guy with a bad addiction to sex. Once his boy Slim, who is like a big brother, forces him to face his demons, King agrees to counseling. It just so happens that during the time frame he is entering therapy, he meets Shauna, the woman of his dreams.

Fate has a funny sense of humor as King’s therapist insists that he abstain from sex for the next 30 days! Shauna and King have it bad for each other. The heat is palpable. Will King be able to complete his therapy just as he finds the one woman that can tame his wild ways?

There is a bit of drama with a sexy vixen/fan/stripper and lots of temptation for King to overcome, if he wants to win Shauna’s trust. I won’t ruin the story for you, but trust me it’s good. I loved the ending and the writer left it open for more in the future. Who knows, maybe CeeCee will make an appearance in the next one. One can only hope.I gave this one 4.5 kisses which in my world equates 5 kisses. kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips


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