LoveRotica Book Challenge – Fairy Tale


Hi Lovebirds,

This week for the LoveRotica Book Challenge, I chose to read a sexy little fairy tale called The Princess & The Penis by R.J. Silver. It is an adult fairy tale dripping with satire. If you like a quick read and enjoy quirky humor, one click this one today. Oh and I forgot to mention it is FREE! The writer has two other freebies in a similar nature, but I did not like them as much.

Here’s what I thought:

l-loren-presents8The Princess and The Penis was a very original take on a classic fairy tale. The only thing missing was a villain. It was well written and paced well. I especially enjoyed the aunties! Like every father, the King tried to keep his little girl pure, but his quest to protect her left her ignorant of the real world.

When the princess has trouble sleeping because of a large, I mean huge, lump in her mattress, the King becomes concerned. After replacing her mattress, her complete bed set they still can not get rid of the lump. When Princess Amalia describes the shape and size of the lump, it becomes very apparent to the adults that it is the largest penis they have ever heard tale of. Panicked, the king resorts to wizards and other trickery to prevent his little girl from being deflowered before her fast approaching wedding night to a prince from another kingdom. Neither the king nor his daughter has met the prince, but the king is determined to marry her off.

Amalia becomes very attached to the penis, thinking of it as her friend. Well this news just about gives the poor king a heart attack, especially when the princess innocently announces that she got a good night’s sleep by placing the lump between her legs where it fit perfectly.

I absolutely loved the ‘Frog and the Flies’ session the Queen and Aunties have with Amalia. The saying ‘It takes a Village’ comes to mind to describe that scene. Amalia was very lucky to have such animated characters in her life to explain sex, men and penises to her. All little princesses should be so lucky.

I’ll leave the ending for you to read for yourself. This was a very entertaining story. I gave it 5 out of 5 kisses! kissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lipskissy-lips

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