Grammy’s 2017 – Zero Fucks Given


Since the Grammy’s aired last night, Bruno Mars, Chance the Rapper and the beautiful Beyonce have been on news feeds and social media everywhere. They all gave amazing performances! I have to give it to Kang Bey, who I can not say I stan for, but mama gave it to us last night!

ririThat being said, the focus of this mini- blog will be on the shenanigans that Rhianna got up to. Miss Thang was dressed to slay and came to play! When I tell you Riri is the queen of Zero Fucks Given, I mean it. She just took the crown from my other girl Serena. The Bajan Beauty was having a good old time in the audience sippin’ from her jeweled flask, dancing and facetiming during performances. If there was one celeb to party with last night it was her.

Check out the article on BuzzFeed for receipts.

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