LoveRotica Book Challenge – Menage


Hi Lovebirds,

This week we delve into the challenging world of Menage Romance. However, this book could also double as my choice for Stepbrother. I know this type of story borders on immorality, but think about it… They really aren’t hurting anybody, and they aren’t blood related so there is no incest going on. The book I chose to read for this sub-genre is ‘Two For One” by Amy Brent.

Here’s what I think:

l-loren-presents5** spoiler alert ** This book was about a girl who I believe was a teenager still in high school. Sorry there were some inconsistencies in the story that were a bit confusing. Anyway her mom married this handsome man and on their honeymoon she died of an allergic reaction.
The husband was rich and decided to raise the girl on his own. After the girl was 16 she finds out she has stepbrothers and they will be coming to live with her and her stepdad.

The first night there, the twin brothers decide they are going to seduce their voluptuous little sister. They succeed in their plan the very next day, teaming up to take her virginity. Things get hot and heavy until one night their dad catches them in the act. He works a lot, leaving the kids on their own, but Christmas Eve he forgets his office keys and has to go back home.

What ensues is a little disturbing, to say the least. Dear old dad is turned on by what he sees and decides to turn it into a teaching moment. He proceeds to instruct the boys on how to please their stepsister, all the while being turned on. Eventually, he informs them that he wishes to be involved with the shenanigans, only he wants her one on one. She consents and thankfully the story ends before it turns to kiddy porn.

I wasn’t ready for that part. The book took a turn that I did not want to go down. I was prepared for the stepbrothers and that was fine because they were around the same age, not blood related and did not grow up together, but things went to far when big papa got into the mix. kissy-lips kissy-lipskissy-lips 3 Kisses for this one.It was a good read until the last part made me feel all kinds of weird.

Be sure to comment on your progress in the challenge. I hope you’re reading!


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