Want To Read – Destination Home!


The time is drawing near for the last installment in The WanderLynn Experience Series to be released! While I am excited that my series will finally be complete, I am also a little sad to end the love story of Connor and Lynn. Be sure to add all of the books to your “Want To Read List” on Goodreads if you haven’t already done so. Here is the synopsis for the final installment, Destination Home:

Connor and Lynn’s island adventures left them happy, in love and newlyweds. Their marital bliss is cut short by a damning proclamation by Connor’s ex-wife, Meredith. Meredith’s revelation leaves Connor reeling and Lynn completely heartbroken.

As they head home, Connor continues to fight for their love while Lynn struggles to pick up the pieces by escaping to London and diving head first into her business. The whirlwind of turmoil follows them across the globe, and neither of them can seemingly escape the perils and torment from the people surrounding them.

In this twisted game of love, betrayal runs rampant while lies and truths are revealed. With the odds stacked against them, will Connor and Lynn’s love conquer all, and will they finally have the happily ever after they’ve dreamed about? Find out in part three of the WanderLynn Experience…Destination Home.

The release date is Dec 4th. Be sure to finish the journey with Connor and Lynn. I hope you enjoyed The WanderLynn Experience Series. If you did please leave a positive review on both Amazon and Goodreads telling me what you liked. Stay tuned for more book coming soon. To stay abreast of everything happening in L’s world, be sure to sign up for my newsletter Here!

Love, Peace and Satin Sheets…

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