Honey Dripper


Serendipity comes with a British accent….

I had my heart set on losing myself in a steamy novel by my favorite author and was determined nothing would stop me. Imagine my disappointment when my boss delays my plans and I arrive at the bookstore only to find they sold the last copy in town five minutes earlier! It was obvious that today wasn’t going to be my day—or was it?
Serendipity must have been listening to my internal meltdown because she presented me with an opportunity to get a signed copy of the book I was willing to commit murder to read. All I have to do is agree to the store owner’s offer—an offer too inviting to turn down.

With my mind imagining all kinds of delicious scenarios, life is beginning to imitate art and I’m ready to see what kind of exciting adventure the tantalizing store owner with the sultry smile and sexy British accent takes me on. Is it possible for me to have my own steamy novel—one that won’t come with the words The End?



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