Bottoms Up



I may be attracted to older men, but I don’t make it my business to sleep with them for trinkets. That’s why I was mortified when my best friend coerced me into spending my birthday weekend on a luxury yacht full of sugar daddies.

When a lecherous old man mistakes me for his next sugar baby, my hero, clad in a pristine white captain’s uniform saved the day.
Now all I want is for the silver fox named Mateus to take me to his cabin and make me his.


Harley’s a charter guest on the yacht that I captain, which means she’s off limits. Though it was love at first sight, well, maybe it was lust, I couldn’t cross that line.

When that bastard put his hands on her in front of me, it changed the game. All bets were out the window and I went into protective mode. I played a game of Mr. Steal Your Girl and won. Now she’s mine and I’m never letting go. I have an insatiable thirst that only she can quench.

BOTTOMS UP is an interracial erotic romance (BWWM) with a HEA. It is a part of the Lunchtime Chronicles series which can be read as standalone novels.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sex and graphic language.


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