A Phat Ash Christmas Bonus Epilogue

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A Phat Ash Christmas

Bonus Epilogue

L. Loren


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Author’s Note:

Hi Lovebirds,

This is a quick note to thank you for all your support on A Phat Ash Christmas. It has turned out to be my most successful book release yet! It reached number 2 on the Interracial Erotic Romance Chart for Amazon and I owe that to you.

            I decided to show my appreciation by writing a bonus epilogue for you all as a Christmas present. I hope you enjoy Indya and Vincenzo’s New Year adventure. They were such a fun couple to write. Look for them to appear in future stories as secondary characters.

            Some of you have expressed a need for Jaleesa to have her own book so I will work on giving you that in the near future. If you are curious about Lynn Sutton Wyatt’s character, you can read all about her in The WanderLynn Experience Series. It is a three book cliffhanger series: The Layover, Island Adventures and Destination Home. In the meantime, be on the look out for my next project, a surprise short story in the upcoming month with the authors of the Once Upon A Villain Series.  I am also a featured author in Siera London’s The Lunchtime Chronicles. My contributions will release in February and March 2020.

            I plan to have a very productive and prosperous 2020! Who’s with me?



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December 30th

I had waited my entire life to find a woman who was my equal. A woman who made me feel like the man I wanted to be. Indya brought out the beast in me. I wanted to possess her, to keep her safe from harm and to shower her with love and affection. Anything that woman wanted would be hers, if I had to kill myself to give it to her. I was all in with this one. She was mine!

It warmed my heart the way she stood with me when my dad had issues with us being together. She could have easily said it was too much drama and walked away, but my woman stood by my side and helped to bring my father around. I needed someone like her next to me. She was the woman for me, and I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops. In fact, I had an idea to do just that.

“Bellissima, I need you to pack your bags and be ready to leave in an hour. No questions, just pack.”

Indya furrowed her brows and looked at me like she was going to ask if I was a madman. She was so adorable. I loved her sassy attitude. She wasn’t an angry person so the looks she gave me were endearing.

“Vincenzo, how will I know what to pack if I can’t ask any questions?”

“That is a fair question, but that will be your only one. Pack for a vacation. The place we are going has temperatures in the high 50s low 60s this time of year. That is all I am telling you until we get to the airport. That and bring your passport.”

“Passport? Oh, no you don’t! I am not leaving the country without telling my family where I am.”

She was so cute when she got riled. I leaned in and hovered just above her pouty lips. I whispered to her “Jaleesa already knows.” Then I swooped down and kissed her until she forgot about anything else. When I finished kissing her, I smacked her on her behind.

“No more! Go pack. Now!”

Indya looked at me like I hung the moon and then went off to do what I asked.

That woman had me wrapped around her little finger. I couldn’t wait to get on that plane and surprise her.

We arrived at the private airport and I watched as Indya’s mouth dropped open. The way she appreciated everything I did warmed me inside. She wasn’t the type of woman who expected luxurious treatment, but she knew how to appreciate a man for providing it. I exited the town car and extended my hand to help her get out.

“Vincenzo, we are taking a private plane? O to the M to the G! Wait until Jaleesa hears about this.”

“No need. She already knows.”

I waved my hand for her to follow and there at the top of the ramp stairs was her niece, Jaleesa grinning from ear to ear.

“Jaleesa! What are you doing here? I thought you were still in Tampa.”

Indya screeched, kissed me on the lips and took off running to greet J. It had been a few days since they had seen each other, and I suspect my lady was going through withdrawals. The two of them were attached at the hip and hated being apart.

I trotted up the stairs behind her, not wanting to miss her reaction to the next surprise. When she entered the cabin, she was greeted by her brother, as well.

“Von? I can’t believe it! What are you doing here?”

She rushed over to Von and wrapped him in a bear hug that would suffocate the average man. She held on so tight I half expected him to push her away, but he held her just as tightly. It was good to see them reunite. Indya loved and admired her brother, from the conversations we had. She missed him terribly with him being in Tampa and her in Atlanta. With their busy schedules, they barely saw each other.

“It’s good to see you, Doodle Bug. Jaleesa tells me you got a new man. It looks like he has money, but I want to know if he’s treating you good. If he’s not, I have no problem taking him out.”

Damn! This man held no cards. It was alright because I am just as protective of Indya, maybe even more. She chuckled as they broke apart. When she looked at me again, her eyes held all the love in the world. A warm fuzzy feeling settled in me that I made the right choice to invite her family. She was so happy. I wanted her to look that way forever. She strolled over to me giving me a sexy smile.

“Thank you for doing this. I love you so much.”

And just like that, I melted into a puddle. This woman was amazing. I had never known anyone who could smile at me and make me feel like a God. I wanted to rip her beautiful sundress from her gorgeous frame and fuck her right there on the floor, but I had to restrain myself, at least for a while. When everyone fell asleep, I would fuck her until I forced at least three orgasms from her wanton body.

Indya sat with her family and I went to the front of the small private plane that my company owned to speak with our travel concierge, Lynn Sutton Wyatt. She owned a company called The WanderLynn Group that catered to wealthy clients, handling all their travel needs. Now, I wasn’t filthy rich, but I had a little change in my bank account, as my dad would say.  Lynn’s job was to take care of everything on the trip from booking, to excursions to anything else we could think of. Pretty much she handled everything so we could enjoy our trip.

Her company always sent someone with the clients on the trip so there was never any unexpected issues that could not be handled. I had used her service several times and had never had a need to implement her trouble shooting skills, but since this was a very important trip for us, it made me feel better to know she was personally overseeing our trip. I also loved that she brought her husband along. It was New Years and I would never want them to be apart on an important holiday.

“Hi Lynn. I just wanted to thank you so much for getting this all together for me. Indya is going to love the surprise. You were amazing helping me put it all together.”

“Thank you so much Mr. Bowie. I am happy you chose my company to help plan this special event in your lives. I will do anything in my power to pull this off without a hitch.”

I joined Lynn and Connor and watched as my woman playfully interacted with her brother and niece. One by one, each person on board fell asleep, including the flight attendant. It was a twelve-hour flight and I knew everyone would get tired. When it was evident that all passengers were snoring to the heavens, I made my way to Indya and shook her awake. She gave me a sleepy smile as I placed my index finger to my lips.

“Shhh. Come with me.”

She stood up without question and followed me to the bedroom that she didn’t even know was there. We looked at the clock on the nightstand and it was almost midnight. We had crossed a time zone and were about to be in a new day, the last day of the year! One I planned on us remembering for the rest of our lives.

December 31


I picked Indya up and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I kissed her beautiful mouth. She tasted of lemonade and it made me thirst for her. Laying her on the bed, I assisted her in removing her clothes. She was moving painfully slow and my patience was gone. I had already been waiting several hours to touch her. There was no time for delaying the pleasure I was seeking. My cock had been begging to get out and play since I picked her up at her house. She always had that effect on him.

            Spreading her legs open I slid between them and licked my way up her leg. I could smell her sweet aroma and it was causing my mouth to water. Indya’s honey was my favorite treat to feast on. I truly could spend hours licking her dry. One day I would try that, but not now. Right now Lucille was screaming for attention. Lucille was the name she bestowed upon my cock, claiming it wrecked shit like on that zombie show. However, I disagreed with the name. It was a girl’s name for heaven’s sake. When I protested, she said the best lovers were women and I should just go with it. I couldn’t argue with her logic, so I let it go. Truthfully, it sounded more like something Jaleesa would say instead of Indya.

            I parted her lady lips and began licking around them. Whenever she was turned on, her lips always had a sheen of her delectable juices. I lapped them up like a kitten drinking milk. Her taste was uniquely sweet and pushed me into overdrive. Sucking on her clit, I inserted my middle finger into her slit making sure to find her little bundle of cells that pushed her over the edge. Her juices flowed out of her opening. There was no way to stop licking every drop she offered me. It was like being mesmerized by her flavor, scent and flow of creamy goodness. My woman was amazing.

            When her thighs started shaking, she almost suffocated me. I would gladly die with my face between her legs. I was already in heaven, so I didn’t have far to travel. She called out my name and exploded on my face. I lived for my name on her lips during her fits of passion. It was the most sensual sound in the world to me. It fueled me to be a better lover just so I could hear it over and over again. Would that be considered selfish? I don’t know and I didn’t much care. We both benefited from it and that’s all that mattered.

            Not giving her time to recover from her first orgasm, I quickly removed my cock from the confines of my pants and underwear and plunged into her tightness. It felt so damn good to be fully seated inside my woman. She was so damn wet for me and it boosted my ego to know she wanted me so badly.

            Fueled by her cries, I pounded into her hard and fast. That’s what my wild woman asked for and that’s what I provided. She was so fucking hot taking my cock like the good girl she was. The woman drove me insane. If I even dreamed that she was with another man I would wake up, find the man and obliterate him. No other man would experience this nirvana. Nope. Never again. She was permanently off the market as far as I was concerned. I would live the rest of my life enjoying Indya and all her pleasures. There would never be another.

            After making her come two more delicious times, I finally succumbed to my need to release. It was one of the best orgasms of my life. I was still inside her when I felt the need to profess my love.

            “My god, Indya. What have you done to me, woman? I am so fucking in love with you.”

            She giggled as she leaned up and kissed me. She ran her hand down my chest and over my abs causing me to flinch. I was deathly ticklish in my abdomen and she knew it. I tried to get away, but she tightened her legs that were wrapped around my waist. She planted kisses on every part of my face that she could reach, causing me to laugh.

            “I love you too, Vincenzo. Lucille did a bang-up job, as usual.”

            She sighed and released her kung fu grip, allowing me to roll off her and lay on my side. I was exhausted, but I felt a need to purge my soul to this woman. I needed to tell her something I had never told another person before.

            “Bellissima, I want to tell you something.  It is something I have never told anyone, and I need you to know this about me.”

            She looked at me with trepidation, but in true Indya Priestley style, she gave me a small smile and nodded. I took a deep breath and began.

“When I was in grad school, I was in love with a girl named Tawny. The one from the restaurant.”

 I waited until she acknowledged that she remembered and continued.

“She was beautiful and sexy, but not very cerebral. There were times when I had no clue what she was talking about, even though she spoke perfect English, but we were sexually compatible. All she wanted to do was fuck and shop. That would have been fine if she was spending her own funds instead of blowing through my inheritance money.

“Her most annoying habit was her need to dine at fine restaurants so she could be seen as a socialite. She was what they call an attention whore. The next thing I knew, she started throwing up that expensive gourmet cuisine as soon as she stepped into the bathroom. That was not cool. I couldn’t be with a woman so superficial that she would damage her own health in order to maintain her figure.

“My mom was so blinded by Tawny’s good girl act, that she never saw her for what she really was – a party girl who was looking for some poor chump to pay her way. I was that unfortunate fool for a little over a year. Don’t get me wrong, I knew exactly what she was about. I just didn’t care. That’s what made me a fool. Men in their twenties only care about what a woman looks like on their arm, how she filled out a dress, and if she would let you own her body. Those are top priorities for twenty-somethings.

“Anyway, I got tired of being her benefactor and cut her off. The crazed woman took to stalking me, hunted me down any and everywhere I went. She even went through the lengths of pretending she was pregnant with my child. She had me going to doctor’s appointments and picking out names. I’m not the type of man to leave a woman stranded when I planted a seed in her, so I took her back. It turned out she was lying the entire time. She even dragged her friend, who was a licensed doctor, into her scheme. The friend lost her license and almost did jail time, as a result.

“They were giving me false information, using other women’s sonograms. Tawny had even started wearing fake bellies of different sizes. She was hiding them in an old chest that I was going to sell. I stumbled upon them when I was cleaning it out. She was exposed and still tried to lie her way out of it. That whole ordeal left me with trust issues. It was like watching one of those suspense movies play out, but it was my reality. I was messed up so, in my misguided haste, I had a vasectomy to prevent that from ever happening to me again. It wasn’t the best decision I have ever made, but it was effective. If a woman ever told me she was pregnant again, I would know she was lying. I always used condoms so if the off chance that the procedure reversed itself, I would still be protected.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say. Have you ever regretted the decision? I mean, do you want children with your future wife?”

My sweet woman. She still had no idea she was going to be my wife. She acted like we were simply dating. Though we had only been together a few weeks, we were way past dating. When I wanted something, I went for it and Indya was who I wanted.

“Indya, do you want to give me babies?”

“Truthfully, Vincenzo, I don’t want to be a mother. It just isn’t my lot in life.”

 “Then we will travel the world, just you and me, Bellissima. I have so much I want to show you.”

“Well, Mr. Bowie, I have so much I want to see with you.”

I kissed her on the top of her head as she snuggled into me and drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face. Meeting Indya was the best thing that could have happened to me. She was a mature woman of a certain age. She wasn’t salivating to push out a bunch of babies. Hell, she wasn’t even trying to rush down the aisle with me. She simply wanted to love me. That’s one of the reasons I made the decision to propose to her. I just needed to figure out the right time. Thanks to Lynn Sutton Wyatt, I had just the right setting in place.


Arriving at Naples airport was exhilarating. My beautiful woman slept most of the way and was refreshed by the time we departed the flight. Her brother was giving me all kinds of side eyes, which confirmed that he overheard my wild woman calling my name in lust. He may not have been pleased, but Indya and I definitely were. I smirked at Jaleesa as she stood behind her father making lewd gestures. She was fun and I was glad she was in Indya’s life. As I walked past Von, he reached out and grabbed my arm and growled in my ear so only I could hear him.

“She’s not yours yet. I don’t want to hear you defiling my sister again.”

I looked at him amused at his little attempt to intimidate me.

“Did it sound like she wasn’t mine? Whose name was she calling?”

A huge smirk played on my face as I walked away. I could feel Von’s eyes burning a hole in my back, which only made me laugh harder. My baby turned and looked at me with a smile.

“What’s so funny?”

“Ask your brother.”

I continued walking, helping Indya down the stairs and into the limo that was waiting for our group. We had a 90-minute ride to get to my hometown of Praiano, and it was going to be quite entertaining to say the least. Once everyone was in the car, we headed out with Lynn announcing where we were headed. Indya’s face was priceless. Her breath caught in her chest and tears welled in her eyes. My woman was pleasantly surprised.

Our first stop was the luxurious Casa Angelina™, a boutique hotel nestled in the side of the mountain. Lynn had booked Indya and me in a private house that overlooked La Gavitella Beach. It was an old fishermen’s house with a spectacular view of the ocean and surrounding mountains. Our house included great amenities such as butler service and access to the beach club among other things. Each room had their very own iPad™.

After freshening up and changing clothes, Indya and I headed to a very important house. She had no idea I was taking her to meet my grandmother on my biological father’s side. She was the sweetest woman on earth, and I was sure she was going to love my Bellissima. It was imperative because today I was going to retrieve her engagement ring to give to Indya.

When we arrived at the Chalet where Grandma Ciana lived, Indya was enamored with the old school architecture. She was oohing and ahhing the entire ride there. My uncle Piero was sitting on the veranda waiting for us to arrive. He stood and rushed to the car. I had the driver to wait for us while we visited.

“Vincenzo! My boy is home!”

Uncle Piero rushed to me and lifted me off the ground in a bear hug. When he finally set me down, I stepped aside to introduce Indya. His eyes beamed as he took in my beauty.

“Is this Indya? Oh Vincenzo, she is much lovelier than you said. I am going to have to buy you some spectacles so you can truly see her beauty. Come give Uncle Piero a hug.”

He hugged the stuffing out of Indya as she smiled and laughed. I stepped to him and placed a hand on his shoulder indicating that was enough contact with my woman. He chuckled and placed her back on her feet. Stepping back he invited us into the house where my grandmother was in her favorite room in the house, the kitchen. Most old school Italian grandmothers would be cooking a feast to welcome her grandson and his intended to her home, but not mine. She was kicked back smoking a cigar and playing cards with her neighbor.

“Grandma Ciana! Woman get over here and hug my neck. It has been over a year since I last laid eyes on your beautiful face.”

I gestured to her flexing my hands like I was going to grab her up and she giggled. I was her favorite grandchild and she made no effort to hide that fact. I loved that woman more than anything, except my Indya. She was the reason I went back to Praiano every year. I spent every summer growing up here with her and she was home to me. After I hugged her for what seemed like five minutes, I introduced her to my love.

“Oh, Vincenzo, I can feel the love just rolling off of you two. You must marry her now! Bring her into the family. Come here dear. Give me a hug.”

From grandma’s lips to God’s ear! I planned on marrying Indya and keeping her by my side forever. Once she let go of Indya, they chatted for a bit while I caught up with my uncle. Then about an hour later, Grandma Ciana pulled me to the side, handed me a jewelry box and whispered in my ear.

“She is smart, funny and beautiful. The way she looks at you tells me everything I need to know about her. I would be overjoyed if you gave her my ring to wear. Do not let this one go, Vincenzo. I have a sixth sense about these things.”

I happily agreed and kissed my grandmother on the cheek thanking her. I stuffed the box in my pocket right before Indya came into the room. After a few hours, we excused ourselves, promising to return the next day for the feast my uncle’s wife was preparing. We needed to get back to the hotel for our evening that Lynn had planned for us at my direction.

Lynn had a stylist to pick our outfits for us and they were laid out in the room when we returned. Indya decided she wanted to take a bath and I joined her. To keep from getting distracted in her sexual prowess was a difficult task. My favorite thing now a days was caressing Indya’s naked body and then making love to her until we both collapsed from exhaustion and pleasure. Since I was on a timetable, I sat opposite her in the tub as we washed ourselves. It was a huge turn on watching her touch herself, even if she wasn’t being sexual. She didn’t have to try. My woman was a sexual goddess.

  We had a romantic dinner on the rooftop of the hotel. The view was immaculate and set the stage for what was about to happen next. When I invited Indya’s family to come along, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jaleesa played the violin. She consented to help with the surprise for Indya. Her role was to play a romantic song right before dessert was served. Von would then take over as our server and bring out a tray containing my grandmother’s ring. While Indya was distracted, I would kneel on one knee and propose. It was textbook, until it went awry.

We had just finished our entrée when the server cleared the table. That was the signal for Jaleesa to start the musical selection, Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up, by Barry White. As the violin started to play the familiar tune, Jaleesa came out from behind the wall that separated us. Everything was going great until her high heel snapped and she went barreling toward the retaining wall face first. Her father, who was on his way to the table saw what was happening, threw the tray holding my grandmother’s ring into the air and lunged to save his daughter.

Panic ensued. Indya rushed to help her niece, I went diving toward the tray trying to catch the ring before it went over the cliff and Jaleesa sat on the ground laughing at the comedy she sparked. I managed to snag the ring before it went over the ledge, but my expensive white suit jacket was ruined by the wine that spilled on it. Indya was crying from shock, thinking her niece could have died and Von was cussing and screaming at Jaleesa for being so careless and having such cheap ass shoes.

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. It was utterly ridiculous. If you don’t believe this could happen, I have the video to prove it. Lynn had hired someone to capture our finest moment. Little did we know we would be filming an episode of SNL™.

After everything died down, I decided her family’s presence was no longer required to make the moment memorable. That was achieved tenfold. I removed my jacket and took Indya on a walk. When we finally made it to the beach, it was almost midnight. I kneeled down on one knee in the sand and professed my love for her. I asked her to be mine forever and she said YES!

Now that was a night that will go down in infamy. My soon to be wife and I made love on the beach in my home country while she wore my grandmother’s ring. Nothing could be finer. Happy New Year!