L. Loren’s 18 Favorite Romance Books of 2018

Hi Lovebirds,

It’s that time of year where everyone reviews everything that has gone down in the year. This year I decided to reflect on my favorite romance reads of the year. I read some mighty fine books this year, as well as some duds. However, just because the book didn’t make my list doesn’t mean it was bad or that I didn’t enjoy it. There were only so many spots on the list. Since it is 2018 I decided to list my top 18. Let me know if you have read these books and why you liked them. Here we go..

his muse


His Muse by Twyla Turner – This book set my soul on fire. My emotions were all over the place reading this May/December gem. I highly recommend this book, but one word of caution, get your tissue box ready.

sweatpants season


Sweatpants Season by Danielle Allen – This was my introduction to Miss Allen’s work and I must say I was impressed. The story was nothing like I expected from the cover. I was pleasantly surprised at how deep the subject matter went and happily devoured this book. The cover alone…




The Zelda Diaries by Olivia Gaines – A series of 7 books about a woman named Zelda who meets the love of her life at a convention. The only problem was she hated him at first. He was also not very pleasing to the eye at first look. She had to overlook a serious overbite, glasses, Sasquatch worthy hair and a ventriloquist dummy that like to feel her up.  This series is fun, sweet and a riot all rolled into one. Olivia Gaines is the queen of creating quirky characters and I love her.

fire on the farm


Postcards From Havana by Toye Lawson Brown – My heart strings were all over the place with this one. It was such a refreshing take on a lonely woman taking a vacation and finding true love. Take it from me, you want this book in your life.


take a knee


Take A Knee by Xyla Turner – Political climate mixed with professional basketball and a sexy team owner make for a great read. Not to mention a very hot female basketball coach who ends up taming the one man who least expected to fall in love. Romance at it’s best mixed with just enough real world events to keep you glued to the pages.



Fire on the Farm by Betty Shreffler – If you love a romantic story about sexy cowboys and strong heroines, this is for you. I read this one early in the year and still can’t get it out of my head. The loss of love is very hurtful, but when you learn to love again, it becomes a very powerful tool. Take a chance on this one.


leftLeft by Shyla Colt – What can I say? I love sexy leading men and this book has that in droves. The hero in this book knows pain and anguish from being left at the alter by his fiance with triplets to raise on his own. His best friend steps in to help and they learn to depend on each other. When they finally decide to become more than friends, the plot changes and it could spell disaster. Can this makeshift family stay together or will past demons come back to force them apart? You have to find out. Get the book.



The Twisted Series by Keta Kendric – If you like dark and twisted MC books, then this series is for you. Hell, even if you don’t give it a chance. That’s what I did. I had no idea I would embrace my dark side like I did. It felt good. There are four books in this series, each of them rated 5 stars. That is so unusual for me, but it happened. I think I may re-read the series in the new year it was so good.

coleCole by Xyla Turner – This is the second appearance on my list for Miss Turner, but it won’t be her last. Miss Lady is on fire and I love her books. Cole was a man who knew what he wanted. A man of a certain age, he had no time for game playing and sleeping around. He set his sights on Bethany and that was that. she was his match in every way and he made it known he was interested from the jump. How refreshing to read about a 40 something couple who just get it. No games, no serious baggage, just love and understanding. It left me wanting more, but I have been known to be greedy.


Bleu, Grass, Bourbon by Olivia Gaines – OMG! This story had me doing the two step! If you haven’t read any of Olivia’s Mail Order Brides books, please stop what you are doing and download them now! I’ll wait.  Now, this is book 7 in the series, which can be read as stand-alones, but what is the fun in that? Bleu Neary is my favorite of the brothers in the series. Action should be his middle name. He not the one that will talk you to death, but you will feel his love and appreciation in the things that he does. He is all alpha male, but what makes him sexier than his brothers is his ability to allow his woman to take charge. He knows how to lead and he knows how to follow. He is everything. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself.

goldThe Gold Feather by DL Pasquini – When I was asked by the author to read this book in exchange for an honest review, I was a little apprehensive. I am usually not one that reads a lot of sci-fi even though I have some in my library. I am so happy I chose to read this one. My perspective has changed on futuristic novels after reading this epic love story. Mind games, government manipulation and super powers are just a taste of what you’ll get here. The author released a sequel called Incandescence later in the year, but I have yet to read it.


The Arousing Series by Cam Johns – This sexy action adventure is a 3 book series of nonstop fun. The hero is all alpha male and he asserts his dominant personality on the heroine. She gets a bit overwhelmed with his overbearing presence from time to time, but mostly she feels his love. And love is exactly what he does to her. The man is obsessed! He loves any and everything about her. The twist comes when people around them can’t be trusted and someone is trying to kill him or her or both. You have to read to find out all of the tea, but it is so good you won’t mind waiting till the final installment.


The Dangerously Curvy Series by M’ Renee Allen – This is a two book series that can be read as stand alone novels, but again it is better if you read them in order. Hey, there’s only two so far. Let me just say I love it when a n author writes about sexy curvy ladies and men who adore them. Top that off with some ruthless characters and a subplot of danger, murder and mystery and you have 5 stars all around!

the date

The Date by JJ Murray – My emotions took a hit while reading this novel. I felt bad for the hero in the book because he was clearly lonely and looking for love. He dared to open himself up to a younger woman who took advantage of his fame and money all to make her ex/current boyfriend jealous. At one point I was trying to see if there was a spell that I could concoct so I could enter the book and slap her around a bit. She was on my last nerves. Used and abused, our hero slips into another depression, but the end is the HEA he wanted. Read this one just so you can yell at your e-reader. lol

roadkillRoadkill by Michel Prince – Being left for dead on the side of the road after being raped and beaten, you would think the heroine in this story would be a basket case. She is not! It helped that her memory is wonky. The man who saves her, a former medic in the military, is now an unlicensed doctor for the Steel MC. He risks it all to save her and keep her away from the rival gang who thought she was dead. He moves from savior to murder all to keep his woman safe.

bikers librarian

Biker’s Librarian by Shyla Colt – Sexy, exciting and oh so sensual is how I would describe this one. Who would think a beast of a biker would fall head over heels for a sexy librarian? Everybody, that’s who! What is is with men and their fantasies about nerdy girls in tight skirts and flowy blouses? Well, whatever it is, it makes for hot reading! Add a stalker to the mix and you get instant action and some predatory claiming going on. What can I say, I’m a sucker for an alpha male claiming his woman. (when she wants to be claimed)

nicademusNicademus by Sienna Mynx – Every now and again I like to take a walk down a historical path and see what I can see. Nicademus was set during the post civil war era in a town inhabited by mostly blacks. When a wanna be nurse runs across an injured white man, she brings him to her cabin and nurses him back to life. She wanted him as a pet project to practice her medicine on, but it turns into so much more. Think Tombstone meets Rosewood.


Trent by Xyla Turner – With the final slot on the list, Xyla Turner makes her last appearance. Once again the author takes relevant topics from the current climate in our country and turns it into a masterpiece. We have a rich white politician who grew up on his family’s wealth hiring an escort for his sexual needs. He is rude and says all of the wrong things, but thinks he is a genius. Not until his escort, a beautiful sexy black woman, his particular vice, shows him everything he had been raised to believe is all wrong. The hero in this story grows leaps and bounds from beginning to the end. I can’t say enough good things about this book and the topics it deals with.

Alright guys, that is enough for your e-readers to explode. Do yourself a favor and read the books listed above. Add them to your to be read list. Spread the word about them and above all else, leave a review so the authors can get your feedback. We value it more than you will ever know. Have a great New Year!


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